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निग m. niga plug
निगम m. nigama corporation [Com. (ancient word)]
निगम m. nigama The Veda
निगम m. nigama reference [lit.]
निगम m. nigama quotation [lit.]
निगमन n. nigamana conclusion
निघण्टु m. nighaNTu glossary of words
निघण्टु m. nighaNTu vocabulary
तूल-निग m. tUla-niga tampon [piece of cotton]
निगम-कर m. nigama-kara corporation tax
निगडानि दत्ते verb 3 nigaDAni datte { dA } put on or apply fetters
निगडानि ददाति verb 3 nigaDAni dadAti { dA } put on or apply fetters
निग adj. niga bound
निग adj. niga fettered
निघ adj. nigha as high as broad
निघ adj. nigha equally distant
निघ m. nigha sin
निघ m. nigha anything whose height and circumference are equal
निघ m. nigha pointed instrument for boring holes in jewels
निगड adj. nigaDa bound or fettered on the feet
निगद m. nigada reciting
निगद m. nigada audible recitation
निगद m. nigada mentioning
निगद m. nigada speech
निगद m. nigada discourse
निगद m. nigada prayer or sacrificial formula recited aloud
निगड m. nigaDa heel chains for an elephant or a noose for catching the feet and throwing an animal down
निगड m. nigaDa handcuff
निगाद m. nigAda recitation
निगड m. nigaDa any fetter or shackle
निगद m. nigada mention
निगद m.n. nigada particular potion
निगड n. nigaDa iron chain for the feet
निगाल m. nigAla throat or neck of a horse
निगम m. nigama words of a god or holy man
निगम m. nigama art of
निगम m. nigama town
निगम m. nigama doctrine
निगम m. nigama place or passage where a word occurs or the actual word quoted from such a passage
निगम m. nigama assurance
निगम m. nigama trade
निगम m. nigama insertion
निगम m. nigama road
निगम m. nigama caravan or company of merchants
निगम m. nigama traffic
निगम m. nigama instruction in
निगम m. nigama root
निगम m. nigama certainty
निगम m. nigama veda or the Vedic text
निगम m. nigama market-place
निगम m. nigama any work auxiliary to and explanatory of the Vedas
निगम m. nigama sacred precept
निगम m. nigama city
निगम n. nigama particular number
निगण m. nigaNa smoke of a burnt offering
निगर m. nigara eating
निगार m. nigAra swallowing
निगर m. nigara swallowing
निगादिन् adj. nigAdin reciting
निगादिन् adj. nigAdin speaking
निगादिन् adj. nigAdin telling
निगाद्य adj. nigAdya to be told or communicated to
निगमिन् adj. nigamin familiar with or versed in the Vedas
निघस m. nighasa eating
निघस m. nighasa food
निघात m. nighAta suppression or absence of accent
निघात m. nighAta blow
निघात m. nighAta stroke
निघाति f. nighAti iron club or hammer
निगडन n. nigaDana putting in irons or fetters
निगदन n. nigadana reciting from memory
निगदति verb nigadati { nigad } cite
निगदति verb nigadati { nigad } proclaim
निगदति verb nigadati { nigad } speak to
निगदति verb nigadati { nigad } quote
निगदति verb nigadati { nigad } announce
निगदति verb nigadati { nigad } address
निगदति verb nigadati { nigad } call
निगदति verb nigadati { nigad } declare
निगदति verb nigadati { nigad } say anything to
निगदति verb nigadati { nigad } tell
निगदति verb nigadati { nigad } enumerate
निगदति verb nigadati { nigad } recite
निगदति verb nigadati { nigad } speak
निगडित adj. nigaDita fettered
निगदित adj. nigadita recited
निगदित adj. nigadita spoken
निगडित adj. nigaDita chained
निगदित adj. nigadita told
निगदित n. nigadita speech
निगलन n. nigalana eating
निगलन n. nigalana swallowing
निगलति verb nigalati { nigal } swallow
निगलति verb nigalati { nigal } devour
निगमन n. nigamana quotation of words and the word quoted
निगमन n. nigamana conclusion in a syllogism
निगमन n. nigamana summing up of an argument or conclusion in a syllogism
निगमन n. nigamana deduction
निगमन n. nigamana going in or into
निगमन n. nigamana insertion
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