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निरूढ adj. nirUDha drawn out
निरूढ adj. nirUDha put aside
निरूढ adj. nirUDha grown up
निरूढ adj. nirUDha separate
निरूढ adj. nirUDha conventional
निरूढ adj. nirUDha accepted
निरूढ adj. nirUDha purged
निरूढ adj. nirUDha unmarried
निरूढ adj. nirUDha eviscerated
निरूढ adj. nirUDha inherent
निरूढ m. nirUDha force or application of words according to their natural or received meanings
निरूढ m. nirUDha inherence of any property in the term implying it
निरुदक adj. nirudaka waterless
निरुदर adj. nirudara having no belly or trunk
निरूढमूल adj. nirUDhamUla firmly rooted
निरूढशिरस् adj. nirUDhaziras with the head laid apart
निरूढलक्षणा f. nirUDhalakSaNA secondary use of a word which is based not on the particular intention of the speaker but on its accepted and popular usage
निरूढपशुबन्ध m. nirUDhapazubandha offering of an eviscerated animal or separate offering of an animal
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