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निरूढ adj. nirUDha accepted
निरूढ adj. nirUDha drawn out
निरूढ adj. nirUDha put aside
निरूढ adj. nirUDha grown up
निरूढ adj. nirUDha separate
निरूढ adj. nirUDha conventional
निरुद्यम adj. nirudyama indolent
निरुद्योग adj. nirudyoga indolent
बन्धने निरुद्ध expr. bandhane niruddha kept in prison
निरूढ adj. nirUDha purged
निरूढ adj. nirUDha unmarried
निरूढ adj. nirUDha eviscerated
निरूढ adj. nirUDha inherent
निरूढ m. nirUDha force or application of words according to their natural or received meanings
निरूढ m. nirUDha inherence of any property in the term implying it
निरूढि f. nirUDhi celebrity
निरूढि f. nirUDhi fame
निरुदक adj. nirudaka waterless
निरुदर adj. nirudara having no belly or trunk
निरुद्ध adj. niruddha checked
निरुद्ध adj. niruddha rejected
निरुद्ध adj. niruddha shut
निरुद्ध adj. niruddha kept off
निरुद्ध adj. niruddha veiled
निरुद्ध adj. niruddha held back
निरुद्ध adj. niruddha closed
निरुद्ध adj. niruddha covered
निरुद्ध adj. niruddha removed
निरुद्ध adj. niruddha withheld
निरुद्ध adj. niruddha confined
निरुद्ध adj. niruddha filled with
निरुद्ध adj. niruddha suppressed
निरुद्ध adj. niruddha held fast
निरुद्ध adj. niruddha restrained
निरुद्ध adj. niruddha full of
निरुद्ध adj. niruddha stopped
निरुद्वेग adj. nirudvega { nirudvigna } peaceful
निरुद्वेग adj. nirudvega serene
निरुद्यम adj. nirudyama lazy
निरुद्यम adj. nirudyama inactive
निरुद्यम adj. nirudyama effortless
निरुद्योग adj. nirudyoga disheartened
निरुद्योग adj. nirudyoga causeless
निरुन्द्धे verb nirunddhe { nirudh } keep away
निरुन्द्धे verb nirunddhe { nirudh } hold back
निरुन्द्धे verb nirunddhe { nirudh } catch or overtake
निरुन्द्धे verb nirunddhe { nirudh } restrain
निरुन्द्धे verb nirunddhe { nirudh } ward off
निरुन्द्धे verb nirunddhe { nirudh } stop
निरुन्द्धे verb nirunddhe { nirudh } check
निरुन्द्धे verb nirunddhe { nirudh } remove
निरुन्द्धे verb nirunddhe { nirudh } hinder
निरुन्द्धे verb nirunddhe { nirudh } suppress
निरुन्द्धे verb nirunddhe { nirudh } surround or invest
निरुन्द्धे verb nirunddhe { nirudh } shut up
निरुन्द्धे verb nirunddhe { nirudh } destroy
निरुन्द्धे verb nirunddhe { nirudh } close
निरुन्द्धे verb nirunddhe { nirudh } confine
निरुद्देशम् indecl. niruddezam without any statement
निरुद्देश्य adj. niruddezya aimless
निरुद्धति adj. niruddhati not jolting
निरुद्द्राव adj. niruddrAva immovable
निरुद्द्राव adj. niruddrAva undecaying
निरुद्वेगम् adverb nirudvegam peacefully
निरुद्विग्न adj. nirudvigna { nirudvega } sedate
निरुद्विग्न adj. nirudvigna { nirudvega } unexcited
निरुद्विग्न adj. nirudvigna { nirudvega } calm
निरुणद्धि verb niruNaddhi { nirudh } ward off
निरुणद्धि verb niruNaddhi { nirudh } check
निरुणद्धि verb niruNaddhi { nirudh } remove
निरुणद्धि verb niruNaddhi { nirudh } suppress
निरुणद्धि verb niruNaddhi { nirudh } surround or invest
निरुणद्धि verb niruNaddhi { nirudh } destroy
निरुणद्धि verb niruNaddhi { nirudh } close
निरुणद्धि verb niruNaddhi { nirudh } shut up
निरुणद्धि verb niruNaddhi { nirudh } keep away
निरुणद्धि verb niruNaddhi { nirudh } catch or overtake
निरुणद्धि verb niruNaddhi { nirudh } confine
निरोधयति verb caus. nirodhayati { nirudh } shut or cause to be shut
निरुद्धवत् adj. niruddhavat having invested or besieged
निरूढमूल adj. nirUDhamUla firmly rooted
निरुद्धगुद m. niruddhaguda contraction or obstruction of the rectum
निरुद्धगुद m. niruddhaguda obstruction of the rectum
निरूढशिरस् adj. nirUDhaziras with the head laid apart
निरुध्यमान adj. nirudhyamAna being checked or reined in
निरुद्धकाण्ठ adj. niruddhakANTha suffocated
निरुद्धकण्ठ adj. niruddhakaNTha having the breath obstructed
निरुद्धकण्ठ adj. niruddhakaNTha suffocated
निरूढलक्षणा f. nirUDhalakSaNA secondary use of a word which is based not on the particular intention of the speaker but on its accepted and popular usage
निरुद्धप्रकश m. niruddhaprakaza stricture of the urethra
निरुद्विग्नमनस् adj. nirudvignamanas undisturbed in mind
निरुद्विग्न-मनस् adj. nirudvigna-manas undisturbed in mind
निरुद्धशमवृत्ति adj. niruddhazamavRtti wearied
निरुद्धशमवृत्ति adj. niruddhazamavRtti whose state of repose is interrupted
निरुद्धशमवृत्ति adj. niruddhazamavRtti tired
निरूढपशुबन्ध m. nirUDhapazubandha offering of an eviscerated animal or separate offering of an animal
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