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निरुपाधिक adj. nirupAdhika absolute
निरुपाधिक adj. nirupAdhika categorical [opp.: sopaadhika, conditional]
निरूपाधिक adj. nirUpAdhika unconditional [Logic]
निरुपधि adj. nirupadhi blameless
निरुपधि adj. nirupadhi guileless
निरुपधि adj. nirupadhi honest
निरुपधि adj. nirupadhi secure
निरुपाधि adj. nirupAdhi absolute
निरुपाधि adj. nirupAdhi without attributes or qualities
निरुपाधिक adj. nirupAdhika without attributes or qualities
निरुपधिशेष adj. nirupadhizeSa one in whom no remainder of guile is left
निरुपधिजीवन adj. nirupadhijIvana leading an honest life
निरुपधिपालितप्रकृतिक adj. nirupadhipAlitaprakRtika one whose subjects are protected from danger or harm
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