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निर्वाण n. nirvANa final liberation
निर्वाण adj. nirvANa extinguished [as a lamp or fire]
निर्वाण adj. nirvANa blown or put out
निर्वाण adj. nirvANa plunged
निर्वन adj. nirvana having no wood
निर्वाण adj. nirvANa lost
निर्वाण adj. nirvANa deceased
निर्वाण adj. nirvANa tamed
निर्वाण adj. nirvANa disappeared
निर्वाण adj. nirvANa quieted
निर्वाण adj. nirvANa set
निर्वाण adj. nirvANa immersed
निर्वन adj. nirvana being out of a wood or in the open country
निर्वाण adj. nirvANa calmed
निर्वाण adj. nirvANa immovable
निर्वाण adj. nirvANa dead
निर्वाण n. nirvANa perfect calm or repose or happiness
निर्वाण n. nirvANa extinction of the flame of life
निर्वाण n. nirvANa disappearance
निर्वाण n. nirvANa instructing in sciences
निर्वाण n. nirvANa death or final emancipation from matter and re-union with the Supreme Spirit
निर्वन n. nirvana complete pleasure
निर्वाण n. nirvANa absolute extinction or annihilation of individual existence or of all desires and passions
निर्वाण n. nirvANa vanishing
निर्वाण n. nirvANa cessation of attachments
निर्वाण n. nirvANa post to which an elephant is tied
निर्वाण n. nirvANa highest bliss or beatitude
निर्वाण n. nirvANa bathing of an elephant
निर्वाण n. nirvANa setting
निर्वाण n. nirvANa offering oblations
निर्वाण n. nirvANa cessation of passions
निर्वाण n. nirvANa cessation
निर्वण n. nirvaNa country without forests
निर्वाण n. nirvANa dissolution
निर्वाण n. nirvANa blowing out
निर्वाण n. nirvANa extinction
निर्वाणद adj. nirvANada bestowing final beatitude
निर्वानर adj. nirvAnara free from monkeys
निर्वाणकर m. nirvANakara causing extinction of all sense of individuality
निर्वाणकर m. nirvANakara particular samAdhi
निर्वाणमय adj. nirvANamaya full of bliss
निर्वाणरुचि m. nirvANaruci delighting in final beatitude
निर्वाणधातु m. nirvANadhAtu region of nirvANa
निर्वाणपुराण n. nirvANapurANa offering oblations to the dead
निर्वाणलक्षण adj. nirvANalakSaNa having complete bliss as its characteristic mark
निर्वाणमस्तक m. nirvANamastaka deliverance
निर्वाणमस्तक m. nirvANamastaka liberation
निर्वाणभूयिष्ठ adj. nirvANabhUyiSTha vanished
निर्वाणभूयिष्ठ adj. nirvANabhUyiSTha nearly extinguished
निर्वाणसञ्चोदन m. nirvANasaJcodana particular samAdhi
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