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निर्यूह m. niryUha decoction
निर्यूह m. niryUha juice
निर्यूह m. niryUha extract
निर्यूह n. niryUha helmet
निर्यूह n. niryUha prominence
निर्यूह n. niryUha wood placed in a wall for doves to build upon
निर्यूह n. niryUha door
निर्यूह n. niryUha kind of pinnacle or turret
निर्यूह n. niryUha peg or bracket
निर्यूह n. niryUha gate
निर्यूह n. niryUha projection
निर्यूह n. niryUha crest or any similar head-ornament
निर्यूष m. niryUSa extract
निर्युक्त adj. niryukta directed towards
निर्युक्त adj. niryukta erected
निर्युक्त adj. niryukta limited as to metre and measure
निर्युक्त adj. niryukta built
निर्युक्त adj. niryukta raised
निर्युक्त adj. niryukta constructed
निर्युक्ति adj. niryukti illogical
निर्युक्ति adj. niryukti wrong
निर्युक्ति adj. niryukti unfounded
निर्युक्ति f. niryukti impropriety
निर्युक्ति f. niryukti unfitness
निर्युक्ति f. niryukti explanation of a sacred text
निर्युक्ति f. niryukti want of union or connection
निर्यूथ adj. niryUtha separated or strayed from the herd
निर्युयोति verb niryuyoti { niryu } ward off
निर्युयोति verb niryuyoti { niryu } keep away
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