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नितम्ब m. nitamba left or right side of buttocks
नितम्बा f. nitambA form of durgA
नितम्ब m. nitamba ridge or side or swell of a mountain
नितम्ब m. nitamba butt-cheek
नितम्ब m. nitamba shoulder
नितम्ब m. nitamba buttocks or hinder parts
नितम्ब m. nitamba sloping bank or shore of a river
नितम्ब m. nitamba hip
नितम्ब m. nitamba sounding-board of the vINA
नितम्ब m. nitamba particular position of the hands in dancing
नितम्बौ m. nitambau buttocks
नितम्बमय adj. nitambamaya formed of or by buttocks
नितम्बबिम्ब adj. nitambabimba having bimba-like round hips
नितम्बस्थली f. nitambasthalI region of the buttocks or hips
नितम्बप्रभव adj. nitambaprabhava coming from the slope of a mountain
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