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नितम्ब m. nitamba left or right side of buttocks
नितम्बा f. nitambA form of durgA
नितम्ब m. nitamba sounding-board of the vINA
नितम्ब m. nitamba particular position of the hands in dancing
नितम्ब m. nitamba ridge or side or swell of a mountain
नितम्ब m. nitamba butt-cheek
नितम्ब m. nitamba shoulder
नितम्ब m. nitamba buttocks or hinder parts
नितम्ब m. nitamba sloping bank or shore of a river
नितम्ब m. nitamba hip
नितम्बौ m. nitambau buttocks
नितम्बमय adj. nitambamaya formed of or by buttocks
नितम्बबिम्ब adj. nitambabimba having bimba-like round hips
नितम्बस्थली f. nitambasthalI region of the buttocks or hips
नितम्बप्रभव adj. nitambaprabhava coming from the slope of a mountain
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