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पीडा f. pIDA obscuration
परिध्वंस m. paridhvaMsa obscuration
पीडन n. pIDana obscuration
धूमन n. dhUmana obscuration
अंशुविमर्द m. aMzuvimarda ray-obscuration
अंशुविमर्द m. aMzuvimarda ray-obscuration
विमर्द m. vimarda complete obscuration [e.g. total eclipse]
विमर्द m. vimarda complete obscuration
निमीलन n. nimIlana complete obscuration
ग्रास m. grAsa amount of obscuration
धूपन n. dhUpana obscuration of a comet
दर्शनावरण n. darzanAvaraNa obscuration of one's views
तमस् n. tamas obscuration of the sun or moon in eclipses
पाकात्यय m. pAkAtyaya obscuration of the cornea after inflammation
राहु m. rAhu eclipse or the moment of the beginning of an occultation or obscuration
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