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धूम्रिमन् m. dhUmriman obscurity
रात्रिवासस् n. rAtrivAsas obscurity
अवतमस n. avatamasa obscurity
गूढत्व n. gUDhatva obscurity
कठिनत्व n. kaThinatva obscurity
काठिन्य n. kAThinya obscurity
मालिन्य n. mAlinya obscurity
क्लिष्टत्व n. kliSTatva obscurity
अतिभार m. atibhAra excessive obscurity
गूढागूढता f. gUDhAgUDhatA obscurity and perspicuity
गूढागूढत्व n. gUDhAgUDhatva obscurity and perspicuity
वीतमल adj. vItamala free from obscurity or darkness
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