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उपलब्धि f. upalabdhi observation
निरीक्षा f. nirIkSA observation
उपलक्षण n. upalakSaNa observation
दृष्ट n. dRSTa observation
आलोचन n. Alocana observation
ताराङ्गण n. tArAGgaNa observation tower
प्रतिपत्ति f. pratipatti observation
अवेक्षा f. avekSA observation
अभिचक्षणा f. abhicakSaNA observation
अवलोकन n. avalokana observation
दर्शन n. darzana observation
लक्षण n. lakSaNa observation
अवेक्षण n. avekSaNa observation
विलोकित n. vilokita observation
प्रत्यक्षपरीक्षण n. pratyakSaparIkSaNa real observation
ऋक्षविभावन n. RkSavibhAvana observation of the stars
सुलक्षण n. sulakSaNa act of careful observation
गोचरीकृत adj. gocarIkRta within the range of observation
देवव्रत n. devavrata any religious observation or vow
स्वानुभव m. svAnubhava one's own personal experience or observation
प्राप्ति f. prApti conjecture based on the observation of a particular thing
अनुभव m. anubhava knowledge derived from personal observation or experiment
उपोद्घात m. upodghAta any observation or episodical narrative inserted by the way
अदृष्ट n. adRSTa that which is beyond the reach of observation or consciousness
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