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अनार्यजुष्ट adj. anAryajuSTa observed
अवकलित adj. avakalita observed
समवेक्षित adj. samavekSita observed
निचित adj. nicita observed
विलक्षित adj. vilakSita observed
आकलित adj. Akalita observed
उपलक्षित adj. upalakSita observed
प्रचेतित adj. pracetita observed
धृत adj. dhRta observed
विनिर्मित adj. vinirmita observed
आचरित adj. Acarita observed
प्रसमीक्षित adj. prasamIkSita observed
अवलोकित adj. avalokita observed
संलक्षित adj. saMlakSita observed
निरूपित adj. nirUpita observed
लक्षित adj. lakSita observed
अनुष्ठित adj. anuSThita observed
विचित्त adj. vicitta observed
अवलोकिता adj. avalokitA observed
प्रतिबुद्ध adj. pratibuddha observed
निषेवित adj. niSevita observed
चीर्ण adj. cIrNa observed
सन्दृश्यते verb sandRzyate { sandRz } be observed
उपलक्ष्यते verb pass. upalakSyate { upalakS } be observed
सुनिरूपित adj. sunirUpita well observed
स्वनुष्ठित adj. svanuSThita well observed
ग्राह्य adj. grAhya to be observed
आलक्ष्य adj. AlakSya to be observed
अवलोकयितव्य adj. avalokayitavya to be observed
अनुद्रष्टव्य adj. anudraSTavya to be observed
अनुष्ठेय adj. anuSTheya to be observed
उत्सृज्य adj. utsRjya not to be observed
संलोकिन् adj. saMlokin observed by others
यथादृष्टम् ind. yathAdRSTam as seen or observed
यथादृष्टि ind. yathAdRSTi as seen or observed
सन्ध्रियते verb pass. sandhriyate { saMdhR } be kept or observed
शिथिल adj. zithila not rigidly observed
स्वलक्षित adj. svalakSita not thoroughly observed
वेध्य adj. vedhya to be fixed or observed
अभिवीक्ष्य ind. abhivIkSya having seen or observed
लक्ष्य adj. lakSya kept in view or observed
पोषधेय n. poSadheya fasting must be observed
परिदृश्यते verb pass. paridRzyate { paridRz } be observed or perceived
उपगेय adj. upageya to be observed or kept on
आलक्ष्य ind. AlakSya having observed or beheld
षेडशाह m. SeDazAha fast observed for 16 days
अवेक्षितव्य adj. avekSitavya to be observed attentively
उपलक्षयितव्य adj. upalakSayitavya to be observed or regarded
चरितव्रत adj. caritavrata one who has observed a vow
चिकित्वस् adj. cikitvas having observed or noticed
धार्य adj. dhArya to be observed or followed
अविप्लुत adj. avipluta observed without deviation
प्रतीक्ष्य adj. pratIkSya to be observed or fulfilled
समाचरणिय adj. samAcaraNiya to be practised or observed
समावलोक्य adj. samAvalokya to be perceived or observed
कुलस्थिति f. kulasthiti custom observed in a family
अनुष्ठीयते verb anuSThIyate { anustha } is observed or followed out
सम्प्रदृश्यते verb pass. sampradRzyate { sampradRz } be clearly seen or observed
विचिन्तनीय adj. vicintanIya to be considered or observed
पूर्वानुष्ठित adj. pUrvAnuSThita observed or performed before
निरवेक्ष्य ind. niravekSya having observed or perceived
सुदुर्दर्श adj. sudurdarza very difficult to be observed
संलक्ष्यते verb pass. saMlakSyate { saMlakS } be marked or observed or perceived
विभाव्य adj. vibhAvya to be clearly perceived or observed
सङ्ख्यापयति verb caus. saGkhyApayati { saMkhyA } cause to be looked at or observed by
सुनिरूपित adj. sunirUpita well observed or inspected or examined
दुःसंलक्ष्य adj. duHsaMlakSya difficult to be observed or recognised
गमनीय adj. gamanIya to be followed or practised or observed
दृक्तुल्य adj. dRktulya being in accordance with an observed spot
वर्तितव्य adj. vartitavya to be carried out or practised or observed
नवान्न n. navAnna ceremony observed on first eating new rice
तीर्थविधि m. tIrthavidhi rites observed at a sacred river, lake, etc
निषेवितव्य adj. niSevitavya to be practised or observed or used or enjoyed
ज्येष्ठललिता f. jyeSThalalitA particular vow to be observed in month jyaiSTha
सन्धार्य adj. sandhArya to be kept to be held or maintained or observed
विकल्प m. vikalpa allowing a rule to be observed or not at pleasure
सुदुर्दर्श adj. sudurdarza very difficult to be discerned or seen or observed
बोद्धव्य adj. boddhavya to be known or perceived or observed or recognized
गृहमेधिव्रत n. gRhamedhivrata rite observed by a householder along with his wife
पालनीय adj. pAlanIya to be guarded or protected or maintained or observed
शीतल m. zItala religious ceremony observed on the sun's entering Aries
पतत्प्रकर्ष adj. patatprakarSa where preference or superiority sinks or is not observed
अनुदात्त m. anudAtta one of the three accents to be observed in reading the Vedas
सोमवारव्रत n. somavAravrata fast observed in the evening of a Monday in honour of ziva and durgA
श्राद्ध n. zrAddha ceremony in honour and for the benefit of dead relatives observed with great strictness at various fixed periods and on occasion
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