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बाधा f. bAdhA obstacle
विघ्न m. vighna obstacle
अवरोध m. avarodha obstacle
अविघ्न adj. avighna without obstacle
अविघ्नेन indecl. avighnena without obstacle
व्यवाय m. vyavAya obstacle
प्रतिपक्ष m. pratipakSa obstacle
अवग्रह m. avagraha obstacle
अन्तराय m. antarAya obstacle
प्रत्यूह m. pratyUha obstacle
परिघ m. parigha obstacle
अनुबन्ध m. anubandha obstacle
प्रतिराध m. pratirAdha obstacle
कण्टक m. kaNTaka obstacle
अवग्राह m. avagrAha obstacle
विघात m. vighAta obstacle
विष्कम्भ m. viSkambha obstacle
वागर m. vAgara obstacle
विनायक m. vinAyaka obstacle
प्रतिरोधक m. pratirodhaka obstacle
गण्डक m. gaNDaka obstacle
व्यय m. vyaya obstacle
मन्थर m. manthara obstacle
प्रतिबन्धक m. pratibandhaka obstacle
प्रतिबन्ध m. pratibandha obstacle
व्याघात m. vyAghAta obstacle
वारक m. vAraka obstacle
बाध m. bAdha obstacle
उपरोध m. uparodha obstacle
संवार m. saMvAra obstacle
स्तिभि m. stibhi obstacle
मार m. mAra obstacle
वारण n. vAraNa obstacle
सूतक n. sUtaka obstacle
नीवरण n. nIvaraNa obstacle
विघ्नराज् m. vighnarAj obstacle king
विरोधक adj. virodhaka an obstacle to
विघ्ननायक m. vighnanAyaka obstacle-chief
विघ्ननायक m. vighnanAyaka obstacle-chief
विघ्ननायक m. vighnanAyaka obstacle-chief
महाविघ्न n. mahAvighna great obstacle
विघ्नलेश m. vighnaleza slight obstacle
अविघ्ना adj. avighnA without obstacle
विघ्नवत् adj. vighnavat having obstacles
अविघ्नतस् ind. avighnatas without obstacle
विघ्नविनायक m. vighnavinAyaka obstacle remover
अविघ्ना n. avighnA want of obstacle
अविघ्न n. avighna want of obstacle
अपविघ्न adj. apavighna without obstacles
अनपाय adj. anapAya without obstacles
अवारितम् ind. avAritam without obstacles
विघ्नपति m. vighnapati lord of obstacles
प्रच्छादयति verb pracchAdayati { pracchad } be an obstacle to
प्रच्छादयते verb pracchAdayate { pracchad } be an obstacle to
प्रत्यर्तिभूत adj. pratyartibhUta become an obstacle
प्रत्यर्थिभूत adj. pratyarthibhUta become an obstacle
विघ्नहारिन् adj. vighnahArin removing obstacles
सावग्रह adj. sAvagraha having an obstacle
प्रतिबन्धकारिन् adj. pratibandhakArin creating obstacles
वचनाबाध m. vacanAbAdha obstacle to speech
निर्वहति verb nirvahati { nirvah } overcome obstacles
मार्गविघ्न m. mArgavighna obstacle on the way
प्रतिबन्धमुक्त adj. pratibandhamukta freed from obstacles
प्रतिबन्धवत् adj. pratibandhavat beset with obstacles
भङ्गनय m. bhaGganaya removal of obstacles
विघ्नविघात m. vighnavighAta removal of obstacles
विघ्नध्वंस m. vighnadhvaMsa removal of obstacles
निर्विबन्ध adj. nirvibandha offering no obstacles
विघ्नजित् m. vighnajit conqueror of obstacles
सप्रतिबन्ध adj. sapratibandha attended with obstacles
असङ्ग adj. asaGga moving without obstacle
असङ्गचारिन् adj. asaGgacArin moving without obstacle
आगत adj. Agata meeting with an obstacle
प्रतिबन्धिन् adj. pratibandhin meeting with an obstacle
अविघात m. avighAta no hindrance or obstacle
असङ्गेन ind. asaGgena generally without obstacle
शीलविघ्नकृत् adj. zIlavighnakRt causing an obstacle to virtue
प्रतिसङ्गिन् adj. pratisaGgin not meeting with any obstacle
अप्रतीघातिता f. apratIghAtitA state of not having obstacles
रोधन adj. rodhana being an obstacle or hindrance
असक्तम् ind. asaktam without obstacle or resistance
अनाबाध adj. anAbAdha free from obstacles or troubles
विघ्नसिद्धि f. vighnasiddhi settling or removal of obstacles
विघ्नहन्तृ m. vighnahantR remover or destroyer of obstacles
सिद्धिविघ्न m. siddhivighna obstacle to success or perfection
प्रदेश m. pradeza one of the obstacles to liberation
विघ्ननाशन n. vighnanAzana destruction or removal of obstacles
विघ्नकर adj. vighnakara causing any obstacle or interruption
प्रतिषेध m. pratiSedha obstacle to obtaining the desired object [in dramatics]
बहुविघ्न adj. bahuvighna presenting many obstacles or difficulties
विघ्ननाशक adj. vighnanAzaka who or what removes obstacles or difficulties
प्रस्थानविघ्न m. prasthAnavighna obstacle to proceeding or to sending anything
शान्तिककर्मन् n. zAntikakarman magical rite performed for removing obstacles
विघातनसिद्धि f. vighAtanasiddhi settling or removal of obstacles or impediments
सोपसर्ग adj. sopasarga having or meeting with difficulties or obstacles
अनुनयप्रतिघप्रहाण n. anunayapratighaprahANa abandoning the obstacles to conciliatory behaviour
नियताप्ति f. niyatApti sure expectation of attaining an object by overcoming a particular obstacle
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