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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
क्लृप्ति f. klRpti obtainment
सनिति f. saniti obtainment
उपाप्ति f. upApti obtainment
प्राप्ति f. prApti obtainment
सङ्ग्रह m. saGgraha obtainment
बन्ध m. bandha obtainment
उपलम्भ m. upalambha obtainment
उपनय m. upanaya obtainment
अवरुद्धि f. avaruddhi for the obtainment of
राज्यलाभ m. rAjyalAbha obtainment of sovereignty
कृति f. kRti confirmation of any obtainment
स्थानप्राप्ति f. sthAnaprApti obtainment of a place or situation
ब्रह्मप्राप्ति f. brahmaprApti obtainment of or absorption into brahma
काम्येष्टि f. kAmyeSTi sacrifice performed for the obtainment of a particular object
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