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कतम adj. katama hence it may occasionally be used for who or which of two?
प्रसङ्गिन् adj. prasaGgin occasional
अनित्य adj. anitya occasional
अनुकाल adj. anukAla occasional
औपोद्घातिक adj. aupodghAtika occasional
अनैकान्त adj. anaikAnta occasional
कादाचित्क adj. kAdAcitka occasional
प्रसङ्गवत् adj. prasaGgavat occasional
नैमित्तिक adj. naimittika occasional
प्रासङ्गिक adj. prAsaGgika occasional
आनुषङ्गिक adj. AnuSaGgika occasional
अनुकालम् ind. anukAlam occasionally
प्रकरणतस् ind. prakaraNatas occasionally
अनित्यम् indecl. anityam occasionally
आनुषङ्गिकत्व n. AnuSaGgikatva being occasional
अधिमित्र n. adhimitra occasional friend
अप्रकृत adj. aprakRta occasional or incidental
अनित्यक्रिया f. anityakriyA occasional act of worship
अनित्यकर्मन् n. anityakarman occasional act of worship
अत्ययिकपिण्डपात m. atyayikapiNDapAta special or occasional alms
कादाचित्कता f. kAdAcitkatA state of occurring occasionally
कादाचित्कत्व n. kAdAcitkatva state of occurring occasionally
क्वाचित्क adj. kvAcitka met with occasionally or somewhere
परिसामन् n. parisAman sAman which is occasionally inserted
नैमित्तिकक्रिया f. naimittikakriyA occasional or periodical ceremony or rite
निमित्तधर्म m. nimittadharma any occasional or special penance or rite or obligation
नित्यनैमित्तिक n. nityanaimittika any regularly recurring occasional act or ceremony or any rite constantly performed to accomplish some object
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