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इतिवृत्त n. itivRtta occurrence
प्रसक्ति f. prasakti occurrence
सम्प्रवृत्ति f. sampravRtti occurrence
वार्त्ता f. vArttA occurrence
स्थिति f. sthiti occurrence
आवृत्ति f. AvRtti occurrence
प्राप्ति f. prApti occurrence
आवृत् f. AvRt occurrence
उत्पत्ति f. utpatti occurrence
उपागम m. upAgama occurrence
वृतान्त m. vRtAnta occurrence
भाव m. bhAva occurrence
पात m. pAta occurrence
समुन्नय m. samunnaya occurrence
सम्भव m. sambhava occurrence
प्रचार m. pracAra occurrence
सम्भव m. sambhava occurrence
उपपात m. upapAta occurrence
वृत्तान्त m. vRttAnta occurrence
सम्पात m. sampAta occurrence
कार्य n. kArya occurrence
परिप्रापण n. pariprApaNa occurrence
प्रवर्तन n. pravartana occurrence
स्थान n. sthAna occurrence
प्रापण n. prApaNa occurrence
स्वरूप n. svarUpa occurrence
वृत्त n. vRtta occurrence
अलौकिकत्व n. alaukikatva rare occurrence
कार्यवृत्तान्त m. kAryavRttAnta actual occurrence
चिरचेष्टित adj. ciraceSTita of rare occurrence
आर्ति f. Arti painful occurrence
अर्थ m. artha occurrence (event)
प्रियोपपत्ति f. priyopapatti pleasant occurrence
पूर्ववृत्त n. pUrvavRtta previous occurrence
अद्भुत n. adbhuta wonderful occurrence
अद्भुत n. adbhuta unexpected occurrence
वैयवहारिक adj. vaiyavahArika of everyday occurrence
व्यसनप्राप्ति f. vyasanaprApti occurrence of calamity
हर्षोदय m. harSodaya occurrence of pleasure
समावेश m. samAveza simultaneous occurrence
सार्वकालिक n. sArvakAlika occurrence at all times
अनर्थ m. anartha disappointing occurrence
उपनिपात m. upanipAta sudden occurrence or event
पुन्योदय m. punyodaya occurrence of good fortune
बहुश्रुति f. bahuzruti occurrence of the in a text
प्रसङ्ग m. prasaGga occurrence of a possibility
यथावृत्त n. yathAvRtta previous occurrence or event
यथादर्शन adverb yathAdarzana according to every occurrence
यथादर्शनम् ind. yathAdarzanam according to every occurrence
मध्यपात m. madhyapAta mean occurrence of the aspect
लोकस्थल n. lokasthala common or ordinary occurrence
यथावृत्तम् n. yathAvRttam actual occurrence of something
निपात m. nipAta accidental occurrence or mention
ऐकध्य n. aikadhya singleness of time or occurrence
पूर्ववृत्त adj. pUrvavRtta relating to a previous occurrence
उपगूहन n. upagUhana occurrence of any wonderful event
लोकवृत्तान्त m. lokavRttAnta events or occurrences of the world
श्वोभाव m. zvobhAva affairs or occurrences of to-morrow
सुखोदय m. sukhodaya realization or occurrence of pleasure
अर्थावृत्ति f. arthAvRtti re-occurrence of words of the same sense
अर्थावृत्ति f. arthAvRtti re-occurrence of words of the same sense
अनभिप्रेत n. anabhipreta occurrence different from what was intended
वृत्ताषेप m. vRttASepa denying or non-acceptance of any past occurrence
पण्डापूर्व n. paNDApUrva non-occurrence of the results of fate or destiny
पण्डापूर्व n. paNDApUrva non-occurrence of the results of fate or destiny
वृत्ति f. vRtti use or occurrence of a word in a particular sense
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