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ओदन m. n. odana cooked rice
ओदन m.,n. odana boiled rice
ओदन m. odana cloud
ओदन m.n. odana porridge
ओदन m.n. odana any pap or pulpy substance
ओदन m.n. odana grain mashed and cooked with milk
ओदन n. odana food
ओदनवत् adj. odanavat provided with boiled rice
ओदनपाकी f. odanapAkI neelaambaram flower or plant [Barleria Caerulea - Bot.]
ओदनपिण्ड m. odanapiNDa ball of boiled rice
ओदनभोजिका f. odanabhojikA eating boiled rice on
ओदनपाणिनीय m. odanapANinIya one who becomes a pupil of or studies the work of pANini only for the sake of getting boiled rice
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