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अपराध m. aparAdha offence
विध्वंश m. vidhvaMza offence
महापराध m. mahAparAdha capital offence
आक्रमण-शस्त्र n. AkramaNa-zastra weapon of offence
कदाचित् रक्षणाय आक्रमणमेव श्रेष्ठम् | sent. kadAcit rakSaNAya AkramaNameva zreSTham | Sometimes offence is the best defense.
अपकारता f. apakAratA offence
द्रुह् f. druh offence
विप्रकृति f. viprakRti offence
अपक्रिया f. apakriyA offence
शाबर m. zAbara offence
दोष m. doSa offence
विदोष m. vidoSa offence
मन्तु m. mantu offence
अपकार m. apakAra offence
निकार m. nikAra offence
द्रोह m. droha offence
उपघात m. upaghAta offence
व्यभीचार m. vyabhIcAra offence
अत्यय m. atyaya offence
वचलु m. vacalu offence
उपार m. upAra offence
असत्कार m. asatkAra offence
संरोध m. saMrodha offence
विनिकार m. vinikAra offence
क्षपण्यु m. kSapaNyu offence
अपचार m. apacAra offence
उपघातक m. upaghAtaka offence
प्रत्यवाय m. pratyavAya offence
व्युत्क्रम m. vyutkrama offence
विध्वंस m. vidhvaMsa offence
आगस् n. Agas offence
क्षूण n. kSUNa offence
धर्षण n. dharSaNa offence
अपचरित n. apacarita offence
एनस् n. enas offence
विराधन n. virAdhana offence
आगस् n. Agas offence
रोध्र n. rodhra offence
विलङ्घन n. vilaGghana offence
अपकृत n. apakRta offence
व्यलीक n. vyalIka offence
किल्बिष n. kilbiSa offence
उल्लङ्घन n. ullaGghana offence
असत्कृत n. asatkRta offence
विप्रिय n. vipriya offence
लङ्घन n. laGghana offence
दूषण n. dUSaNa offence
दुष्ट n. duSTa offence
द्रुग्ध n. drugdha offence
अनपकृत n. anapakRta no offence
महापराध m. mahAparAdha great offence
उपपातक n. upapAtaka minor offence
उपपतनीय n. upapatanIya minor offence
दोषभीति f. doSabhIti fear of offence
आत्मापराध m. AtmAparAdha one's own offence
भावस्खलित n. bhAvaskhalita offence in the mind
दोषवत् adj. doSavat guilty of an offence
प्राप्तापराध adj. prAptAparAdha guilty of an offence
दोषिन् adj. doSin guilty of an offence
रामकिल्बिष n. rAmakilbiSa offence against rAma
यथापराधम् ind. yathAparAdham according to the offence
विभ्रेष m. vibhreSa commission of an offence
देवहेडन n. devaheDana offence against the gods
ब्रह्मकिल्बिष n. brahmakilbiSa offence against Brahmans
निर्णेजन n. nirNejana atonement for an offence
देवकिल्बिष n. devakilbiSa offence against the gods
देवहेन n. devaheLana offence against the gods
प्रदुष्यति verb praduSyati { praduS } commit an offence against
सागस् adj. sAgas guilty of a sin or offence
किल्बिषिन् adj. kilbiSin one who commits an offence
स्वापराध m. svAparAdha offence against one's self
क्षिया f. kSiyA offence against the customs
अपुरुषापराध m. apuruSAparAdha not an offence of the person
अतिवर्तिन् adj. ativartin guilty of a pardonable offence
संशुद्धकिल्बिष adj. saMzuddhakilbiSa one whose offences are expiated
कृतागस् adj. kRtAgas one who has committed an offence
अतिवर्तन n. ativartana pardonable offence or misdemeanour
पितृकिल्बिष n. pitRkilbiSa offence committed against the pitRs
प्रणयापराध m. praNayAparAdha offence against affection or confidence
कृतापराध adj. kRtAparAdha one who has committed an offence against
आभिशस्य n. Abhizasya sin or offence through which one becomes disgraced
उपपातकिन् adj. upapAtakin one who has committed an upapAtaka or minor offence
विप्रवास m. vipravAsa offence committed by a monk in giving away his garment
छादन m. chAdana ignoring or tolerating offences if useful for one's aims
लैशिक n. laizika offence of a monk who taking advantage of an apparent transgression committed by a fellow monk wrongfully accuses him of it