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आधिकारिक adj. AdhikArika official
कार्यालयीय adj. kAryAlayIya official
अधिकारप्रयुक्त adj. adhikAraprayukta official
संस्थागत adj. saMsthAgata official
युक्त m. yukta official
अधिकार m. adhikAra official act
नियोग m. niyoga official act
व्यवहार m. vyavahAra official act
करणमुद्रा f. karaNamudrA official seal
व्यापृत m. vyApRta official
नियोगिन् m. niyogin official
व्यावहारिक m. vyAvahArika official
आयुक्तक m. Ayuktaka official
नियोज्य m. niyojya official
अधिकारिन् m. adhikArin official
नियुक्त m. niyukta official
अधिकारपुरुष m. adhikArapuruSa official
आयुक्तिन् adj. Ayuktin fit official
स्थपति m. sthapati head official
प्रोत्कटभृत्य m. protkaTabhRtya high official
महामात्र m. mahAmAtra high official
राजाधिकारिन् m. rAjAdhikArin royal official
राजाधिकृत m. rAjAdhikRta royal official
श्रीकरणाध्यक्ष m. zrIkaraNAdhyakSa kind of official
सलिलद m. salilada kind of official
वेलावित्त m. velAvitta kind of official
आधिकरणिक m. AdhikaraNika government official
कोटप m. koTapa kind of official man
जनक m. janaka of several official men
आयुक्त m. Ayukta official appointed by a king
शामित्रकर्मन् n. zAmitrakarman office of the above official
प्रमातृ adj. pramAtR particular class of officials
स्थानिक m. sthAnika any one holding an official post
शयनासनवारिक m. zayanAsanavArika particular official in a convent
पदाभिलाषिन् adj. padAbhilASin desirous of office or official position
महामात्र m. mahAmAtra wife of a prime minister or high official
भक्तोद्देशक m. bhaktoddezaka particular official in a Buddhist monastery
फलचारक m. phalacAraka particular official in Buddhist monasteries
भजनवारिक m. bhajanavArika particular official in a Buddhist monastery
शोधनक m. zodhanaka kind of official or servant in a judge's court
महाशब्द m. mahAzabda any official title beginning with the word mahA
सौखशायिक m. saukhazAyika official who asks a prince whether he has slept well
शामित्र adj. zAmitra relating to the official who cuts up the sacrificial victim
सौखयानिक m. saukhayAnika bard or other official who wishes a prince a prosperous march
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