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बहुशस् indecl. bahuzas often
वारंवारम् indecl. vAraMvAram often
बृशम् indecl. bRzam often
कतिधा indecl. katidhA how often?
कतिवारं वक्तव्यम्? sent. kativAraM vaktavyam? How often should I tell you?
एकं कार्यं कतिवारं वक्तव्यम्? sent. ekaM kAryaM kativAraM vaktavyam? How often should I tell you about that?
मासे कति चित्राणि पश्यति? sent. mAse kati citrANi pazyati? How often do you go to films in a month?
भृश adj. bhRza often
क्रमगत adj. kramagata often
बहुशस् adverb bahuzas often
बहुवारम् adverb bahuvAram often
अनेकधा adverb anekadhA often
भूरी adverb bhUrI often
नैकशस् ind. naikazas often
बहु ind. bahu often
असकृत् ind. asakRt often
प्रभूतशस् ind. prabhUtazas often
पुरुत्रा ind. purutrA often
सुबहुधा ind. subahudhA often
प्रयशः indecl. prayazaH often
बहुशः indecl. bahuzaH often
नैकविधः indecl. naikavidhaH often
बहुलम् indecl. bahulam often
मुहु m. muhu often
गोमय n. gomaya often
एतावच्छस् ind. etAvacchas so often
यावद्धा ind. yAvaddhA as often
यति m. yati as often
बहुवेलम् adj. bahuvelam oftentimes
मुहुःप्रोक्त adj. muhuHprokta often told
यावत्कृत्वस् ind. yAvatkRtvas as often as
गुणित adj. guNita often practised
जागरिष्णु adj. jAgariSNu often sleepless
वर्तन n. vartana often told word
तद्बहु adj. tadbahu doing that often
यति m. yati how many or often
पुष्किरिणी f. puSkiriNI often for puSkariNI
भूत adj. bhUta often w.r. for bhRta
कदा adverb kadA as often as possible
युग्म n. yugma often w.r. for yugya
लोलुव adj. loluva cutting much or often
बहुसूतिगो f. bahusUtigo cow that calves often
बहुध्मात adj. bahudhmAta often annealed or cast
असकृत् ind. asakRt oftener than once a year
बह्वपत्या f. bahvapatyA cow that has often calved
अनेकप adj. anekapa drinking oftener than once
परेष्टु f. pareSTu cow which has often calved
परेष्टुका f. pareSTukA cow which has often calved
पापठ्यते verb Intens. pApaThyate { paTh } recite often or repeatedly
पापठीति verb Intens. pApaThIti { paTh } recite often or repeatedly
भास्कर m. bhAskara often found at the end of names
कथम् ind. katham or kutas katham is often connected
यावद्गृहीतिन् adj. yAvadgRhItin as often as one has taken or ladled out
आयुष्मत् m. AyuSmat often applied as a kind of honorific title
अथर्वन् m. atharvan often coupled with those of aGgiras and bhRgu
कतम adj. katama it is often a mere strengthened substitute for ka
वर्णरेखा f. varNarekhA chalk or a white substance often confounded with chalk
कति ind. kati it may be used as an adverb with cid in the sense of oftentimes
दीर्घपाठ m. dIrghapATha kind of recitation of the in which the consonants are often doubled
उत indecl. uta often used for the sake of emphasis at the end of a line after iti or a verb
इत्था ind. itthA itthA is often connected with words expressing devotion to the gods in the sense of thus
कथम् ind. katham sometimes katham merely introduces an interrogation katham is often found in connection with the particles iva
दानव m. dAnava class of demons often identified with the demons or asuras and held to be implacable enemies of the gods or devas
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