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गो ओपश adj. go opaza furnished with a twist or tuft of leather straps
ओपश m. opaza cushion
ओपश m. opaza pillow
ओपश m. opaza top-knot
ओपश m. opaza plume
ओपश m. opaza that on which any one rests
ओपश n. opaza stay
ओपश n. opaza pillar
ओपश n. opaza support
औपसद adj. aupasada occupied with or relating to the upa-sad ceremony
औपसद adj. aupasada in which the word upasad occurs
औपसद m. aupasada particular ekAha
औपासन adj. aupAsana relating to or performed at an aupAsana fire
औपासन m. aupAsana fire used for domestic worship
औपासन m. aupAsana small cake offered to the Manes and
औपशाल adj. aupazAla near the house or hall
औपासनिक m. aupAsanika aupAsana fire
औपशमिक adj. aupazamika resulting from the ceasing
औपसन्ध्य adj. aupasandhya relating to dawn
औपसर्गिक adj. aupasargika portentous
औपसर्गिक adj. aupasargika produced in addition to
औपसर्गिक adj. aupasargika relating to change
औपसर्गिक adj. aupasargika infectious
औपसर्गिक adj. aupasargika connected with a preposition
औपसर्गिक adj. aupasargika superior to adversity
औपसर्गिक adj. aupasargika prepositive
औपसर्गिक adj. aupasargika able to cope with calamity
औपसर्गिक m. aupasargika irregular action of the humors of the body
औपसङ्ख्यानिक adj. aupasaGkhyAnika depending on the authority of any addition or supplement
औपसङ्ख्यानिक adj. aupasaGkhyAnika mentioned or occurring in one
औपसङ्ख्यानिक adj. aupasaGkhyAnika supplementary
औपासनप्रयोग m. aupAsanaprayoga manner of performing the rites at the aupAsana fire
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