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प्रतिपक्ष m. pratipakSa opponent
शत्रुपक्ष adj. zatrupakSa opponent
दूषणतावादिन् m. dUSaNatAvAdin opponent
अन्यतस्त्य m. anyatastya opponent
प्रतिवादिन् m. prativAdin opponent
अमित्र m. amitra opponent
प्रतियोध m. pratiyodha opponent
प्रत्यर्थक m. pratyarthaka opponent
परवादिन् m. paravAdin opponent
विजिगीषु m. vijigISu opponent
प्रतीप m. pratIpa opponent
प्रत्यववस्थातृ m. pratyavavasthAtR opponent
प्रतिबाधिन् m. pratibAdhin opponent
विपक्ष m. vipakSa opponent
प्रतिशत्रु m. pratizatru opponent
प्रतिपक्षिन् m. pratipakSin opponent
प्रतिकर्तृ m. pratikartR opponent
प्रत्यर्थिन् m. pratyarthin opponent
प्रत्यमित्र m. pratyamitra opponent
अप्रति adj. aprati without opponents
असुर m. asura opponent of the gods
प्रतियोद्धृ m. pratiyoddhR well-matched opponent
प्रत्यरि m. pratyari well-matched opponent
प्रतियोधिन् m. pratiyodhin well-matched opponent
प्रतिवीर m. prativIra well-matched opponent
प्रतिमान n. pratimAna well-matched opponent
प्रतिवासुदेव m. prativAsudeva opponent of a vAsudeva
प्रतिप्राश् m. pratiprAz opponent in controversy
प्रतिवीरता f. prativIratA being a well-man opponent
अप्रतिपक्ष adj. apratipakSa without a rival or opponent
प्रतिमल्ल m. pratimalla opponent in wrestling or boxing
निष्प्रतिपक्ष adj. niSpratipakSa without an adversary or opponent
बहुप्रत्यर्थिक adj. bahupratyarthika having many adversaries or opponents
प्रावादुक m. prAvAduka opponent in philosophical discussion
असुरत्व n. asuratva being an asura or opponent of the gods
अनाष्ट्र adj. anASTra free from dangers or dangerous opponents
वाक्छल n. vAkchala prevarication or perversion of the words of an opponent in disputation
प्रतिदृष्टान्तसम m. pratidRSTAntasama irrelevant objection by adducing a counter example which ignores the opponent's example
प्रकरणसम m. prakaraNasama assertion by two opponents of some argument which has the same force of argument pro and con
मतानुज्ञा f. matAnujJA admission of a fault in one's own reasoning while insisting on a similar one in that of the opponent