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प्रतिकृति f. pratikRti opposition
प्रतिपक्ष m. pratipakSa opposition
विरोध m. virodha opposition
विप्लव m. viplava opposition
विमक्षदल n. vimakSadala opposition
वैपरित्य n. vaiparitya opposition
प्रतिवाणि adj. prativANi opposition
वि adverb vi opposition
प्रतिपक्षता f. pratipakSatA opposition
प्रतिकूलता f. pratikUlatA opposition
विप्रकृति f. viprakRti opposition
अपक्षता f. apakSatA opposition
प्रातिकूलिकता f. prAtikUlikatA opposition
विपक्षता f. vipakSatA opposition
अपरता f. aparatA opposition
प्रतिक्रिया f. pratikriyA opposition
पर्यवस्था f. paryavasthA opposition
प्रतिघात m. pratighAta opposition
विराध m. virAdha opposition
प्रतिबन्ध m. pratibandha opposition
सरोध m. sarodha opposition
प्रतिकार m. pratikAra opposition
विप्रतिकार m. vipratikAra opposition
उत्क्राम m. utkrAma opposition
प्रतिच्छेद m. praticcheda opposition
निकार m. nikAra opposition
प्रतिरोध m. pratirodha opposition
पर्यय m. paryaya opposition
युद्ध m. yuddha opposition
अतिपात m. atipAta opposition
समुच्छ्रय m. samucchraya opposition
प्रतिघ m. pratigha opposition
विपर्यास m. viparyAsa opposition
प्रतियोग m. pratiyoga opposition
व्याकोप m. vyAkopa opposition
प्रपञ्च m. prapaJca opposition
विप्रतिषेध m. vipratiSedha opposition
विघ्न m. vighna opposition
विरुद्धत्व n. viruddhatva opposition
प्रत्यववस्थान n. pratyavavasthAna opposition
बाधन n. bAdhana opposition
प्रतिपक्षत्व n. pratipakSatva opposition
वैलोम्य n. vailomya opposition
विरोधन n. virodhana opposition
पर्यवस्थान n. paryavasthAna opposition
प्रतिकर्मन् n. pratikarman opposition
विरुद्ध n. viruddha opposition
वैपरीत्य n. vaiparItya opposition
प्रतिकारकर्मन् n. pratikArakarman opposition
प्रातिकूल्य n. prAtikUlya opposition
प्रतिकूलत्व n. pratikUlatva opposition
प्रतिद्वन्द्व n. pratidvandva opposition
विपक्षत्व n. vipakSatva opposition
विहनन n. vihanana opposition
वारण n. vAraNa opposition
खण्डन n. khaNDana opposition
प्रातिलोम्य n. prAtilomya opposition
प्रतिकूल n. pratikUla opposition
प्रतिकृत n. pratikRta opposition
व्युत्थान n. vyutthAna opposition
विरोधन n. virodhana opposition to
प्रतिक्षोणिभृत् m. pratikSoNibhRt opposition king
प्रति adverb prati in opposition to
विनिग्रह m. vinigraha mutual opposition
विपक्षनेतृ m. vipakSanetR opposition leader [In parliment, council, congress, etc]
स्मृतिविरोध m. smRtivirodha opposition to law
अविरोध m. avirodha non-opposition to
अविरोध m. avirodha non-opposition to
अभिमर्दति verb abhimardati { abhimRd } be in opposition to [astron.]
तेजस् n. tejas energetic opposition
विप्रतिपत्ति f. vipratipatti difference or opposition
शास्त्रविप्रतिषेध m. zAstravipratiSedha opposition to the zAstra
मर्दन n. mardana friction i.e. opposition
प्रतिकरोति verb pratikaroti { pratikR } do or make an opposition
प्रतिकुरुते verb pratikurute { pratikR } do or make an opposition
विरुन्द्धे verb virunddhe { virudh } encounter opposition from
विरुणद्धि verb viruNaddhi { virudh } encounter opposition from
शास्त्रविरोध m. zAstravirodha opposition to sacred precept
अशत्रु adj. azatru without opposition from enemies
विरोधोपमा f. virodhopamA comparison founded on opposition
विप्रतिपत्ति f. vipratipatti opposition of one rule to another
विरोधकारक adj. virodhakAraka causing opposition or disagreement
संरोध m. saMrodha complete obstruction or opposition
पूर्वापरविरोध m. pUrvAparavirodha opposition of prior and subsequent
ग्रहमर्द m. grahamarda opposition between certain planets
पर्वनादी f. parvanAdI moment of opposition or conjunction
अर्थद्रव्यविरोध m. arthadravyavirodha opposition between the purpose and the thing
सरोध adj. sarodha having hindrance or obstruction or opposition
उल्लास m. ullAsa giving prominence to any object by comparison or opposition
पर्वन् n. parvan day of the moon's passing the node at its opposition or conjunction
पर्वकाल m. parvakAla time at which the moon at its conjunction or opposition passes through the node
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