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पर्वतधातु m. parvatadhAtu ore
दारु n. dAru ore
घनायस्क n. ghanAyaska cube ore
गौर्जर n. gaurjara pottern-ore
गौर्जर n. gaurjara pottern-ore
कपोताञ्जन n. kapotAJjana ore of antimony
कपोतक n. kapotaka ore of antimony
चक्रनामन् m. cakranAman pyritic ore of iron
तारारि m. tArAri pyritic ore of iron
कपोत m. kapota grey ore of antimony
कपोतसार m. kapotasAra grey ore of antimony
रसाञ्जन n. rasAJjana vitriol of copper or a sort of collyrium prepared from it with the addition of Curcuma or from the calx of brass with Amomum Ant
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