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बाह्य adj. bAhya outer
बहिर्भव adj. bahirbhava outer
बहिःस्थ adj. bahiHstha outer
बहिर्द्वार n. bahirdvAra outer door
बहिर्लोक m. bahirloka outer world
बहिःस्थ्यिन् adj. bahiHsthyin outer
बाह्यतर adj. bAhyatara outer
बहिःस्थित adj. bahiHsthita outer
बहिर्माला f. bahirmAlA outer
कर्णपालि f. karNapAli outer ear
पालि f. pAli outer ear
चरम m. carama outermost
वेष्टन n. veSTana outer ear
श्रुतिमण्डल n. zrutimaNDala outer ear
बहिःशाला f. bahiHzAlA outer hall
निरवहालिका f. niravahAlikA outer wall
प्रतिसीरा f. pratisIrA outer tent
बाह्य m. bAhya outer part
बाह्यकक्ष m. bAhyakakSa outer side
काण्डपट m. kANDapaTa outer tent
बहिरिन्द्रिय n. bahirindriya outer organ
निचुलक m. niculaka outer garment
निचोलक m. nicolaka outer garment
प्रतिप्राकार m. pratiprAkAra outer rampart
निचूल m. nicUla outer garment
प्रावरणीय n. prAvaraNIya outer garment
सर्वबाह्य adj. sarvabAhya outermost of all
बहिरर्गल m.f.n. bahirargala outer bolt or bar
बहिर्भाग m. bahirbhAga outer side or part
आवरण n. AvaraNa outer bar or fence
बाह्यान्त m. bAhyAnta outer end or corner
बाह्या f. bAhyA outer bark of a tree
चरमतस् ind. caramatas at the outermost end
नीशार m. nIzAra outer tent or screen
बहिरङ्ग m. bahiraGga outer limb or member
बाह्येन्द्रिय n. bAhyendriya outer organ of sense
पुरतोरण n. puratoraNa outer gate of a city
मलपृष्ठ n. malapRSTha outer page of a book [protects the book from dirt]
प्रगण्डी f. pragaNDI outer wall or rampart
बहिष्प्राकार m. bahiSprAkAra outer wall or rampart
सुमनःपत्त्रिका f. sumanaHpattrikA outer skin of a nutmeg
पट्ट m. paTTa upper or outer garment
उत्तरासङ्ग m. uttarAsaGga upper or outer garment
सुमनःपत्त्र n. sumanaHpattra outer skin of a nutmeg
प्रच्छादन n. pracchAdana upper or outer garment
बहिर्वासस् n. bahirvAsas outer or upper garment
कर्णच्छिद्र n. karNacchidra outer auditory passage
उत्तरीय n. uttarIya upper or outer garment
उत्तरीयक n. uttarIyaka upper or outer garment
पराक् adverb parAk towards the outer world
मालतीपत्त्रिका f. mAlatIpattrikA outer shell of a nutmeg
पराङ् ind. parAG towards the outer world
नेत्रपर्यन्त m. netraparyanta outer corner of the eye
अपाङ्ग m. apAGga outer corner of the eye
दृगन्त m. dRganta outer corner of the eye
नयनप्रबन्ध m. nayanaprabandha outer corner of the eye
वरुत्र n. varutra upper and outer garment
सौमनसा f. saumanasA outer skin of the nutmeg
सौमनसायनी f. saumanasAyanI outer skin of the nutmeg
उन्मन्थ m. unmantha disease of the outer ear
उन्मन्थक m. unmanthaka disease of the outer ear
पाल्यामय m. pAlyAmaya disease of the outer ear
दिर्घापाङ्ग adj. dirghApAGga outer corners of the eyes
नीशार m. nIzAra warm cloth or outer garment
कर्णपाक m. karNapAka inflammation of the outer ear
पाशजाल n. pAzajAla outer world conceived as a net
जम्बुल m. jambula kind of disease of the outer ear
ग्रन्थिक m. granthika kind of disease of the outer ear
प्रावार adj. prAvAra found in outer garments or cloaks
आकाशरक्षिन् m. AkAzarakSin watchman on the outer battlements
बाह्याशकल m. bAhyAzakala fragment from a tree's outer bark
निर्णायन n. nirNAyana outer angle of the elephant's eye
निर्याण n. niryANa outer corner of an elephant's eye
कूर्म m. kUrma one of the outer winds of the body
बहिष्क्रिया f. bahiSkriyA outer act external rite or ceremony
कर्णपाल्यामय m. karNapAlyAmaya particular disease of the outer ear
श्याव m. zyAva particular disease of the outer ear
रुक्मप्रस्तरण adj. rukmaprastaraNa having a gold-ornamented outer garment
योग m. yoga contact or mixing with the outer world
अपाङ्गदेस m. apAGgadesa place round the outer corner of the eye
लोलापाङ्ग adj. lolApAGga having tremulous or quivering outer corners
कर्णपीठ n. karNapITha concha or outer end of the auditory passage
पराङ् adj. parAG directed outwards or towards the outer world [as the senses]
पराञ्च् adj. parAJc directed outwards or towards the outer world
तालजटा f. tAlajaTA fibres of the palm-tree under the outer bark
पराग्दृश् adj. parAgdRz having the eye turned towards the outer world
बहिर्द्वार n. bahirdvAra outer gate or the space outside a door or gate
रुद्धापाङ्गप्रसर adj. ruddhApAGgaprasara having the space in the outer corner obstructed
पाशत्व n. pAzatva state or condition of the outer world or nature
तिर्यगपाङ्ग adj. tiryagapAGga having the outer corners of the eyes turned aside
अनिलपर्यय m. anilaparyaya pain and swelling of the eyelids and outer parts of the eye
अनिलपर्याय m. anilaparyAya pain and swelling of the eyelids and outer parts of the eye
पाश m. pAza anything that binds or fetters the soul i.e. the outer world
निराकारज्ञानवाद m. nirAkArajJAnavAda doctrine that the perception of the outer world does not arise from images impressed on the mind