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सुरभीसुत m. surabhIsuta oxen
सुरभीगोत्र n. surabhIgotra oxen
सप्तगु adj. saptagu driving 7 oxen
षड्गव m.n. SaDgava yoke of six oxen
षड्गवीय adj. SaDgavIya drawn by six oxen
वृषभयान n. vRSabhayAna car drawn by oxen
अनडुद्यज्ञ m. anaDudyajJa sacrifice for oxen
अष्टगव adj. aSTagava drawn by eight oxen
अष्टागव adj. aSTAgava drawn by eight oxen
कृष्णगव adj. kRSNagava drawn by black oxen
दशपशु adj. dazapazu intended for 10 oxen
गोयुक्त adj. goyukta drawn by oxen or cows
उक्षान्न adj. ukSAnna one whose food is oxen
बृहदुक्षन् adj. bRhadukSan one who has great oxen
कूबरी f. kUbarI carriage drawn by oxen
कम्बलिवाह्यक n. kambalivAhyaka carriage drawn by oxen
चतुर्गव n. caturgava carriage drawn by 4 oxen
अनोयुक्त n. anoyukta cart with a pair of oxen
सप्तगु adj. saptagu possessing 7 oxen or cows
द्विगव adj. dvigava yoked with 2 oxen or cows
गौशतिक adj. gauzatika possessing 100 oxen or cows
वाहिक m. vAhika car or vehicle drawn by oxen
मठ m. maTha cart or carriage drawn by oxen
गोयान n. goyAna carriage drawn by oxen or cows
गौशकटिक adj. gauzakaTika possessing a carriage drawn by oxen
वहद्गु ind. vahadgu at the time when the oxen are yoked
जू f. jU spot on the forehead of horses and oxen
स्कन्ध m. skandha equality of height in the humps of a pair of draught oxen
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