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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
पाटीर m. pATIra catarrh
पाटीर m. pATIra sandal tree
पाटीर m. pATIra cloud
पाटीर m. pATIra sieve
पटीर m. paTIra sandal tree
पटीर m. paTIra ball for playing with or a thorn
पाटीर m. pATIra field
पाटीर m. pATIra tin
पाटीर m. pATIra pith or manna of the bamboo
पटीर m. paTIra god of love
पाटीर m. pATIra radish
पटीर n. paTIra catarrh
पटीर n. paTIra radish
पटीर n. paTIra cloud
पटीर n. paTIra field
पटीर n. paTIra sieve
पटीर n. paTIra bamboo manna
पटीर n. paTIra black cutch tree [Acacia Catechu - Bot.]
पटीर n. paTIra belly
पटीर n. paTIra height
पटीरमारुत m. paTIramAruta wind that comes from sandal trees or is produced by fanning with a kind of sieve