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पताका f. patAkA banner
पातक n. pAtaka crime
पाथक m. pAthaka traveller
पाठक m. pAThaka reader
पातक adj. pAtaka causing to fall
पतक adj. pataka who or what falls or descends
पताका f. patAkA emblem
पताका f. patAkA good fortune
पताका f. patAkA auspiciousness
पताका f. patAkA pennon
पताका f. patAkA sign
पताका f. patAkA episode or episodical incident
पताका f. patAkA next
पताका f. patAkA particular high number
पताका f. patAkA flag-staff
पताका f. patAkA flag
पताक m. patAka particular position of the hand or the fingers in shooting off an arrow
पाटक m. pATaka flight of steps leading to the water
पाटक m. pATaka shore
पाटक m. pATaka bank
पाटक m. pATaka half or any part or a kind of village
पटक m. paTaka encampment
पाटक m. pATaka splitter
पटक m. paTaka half of a village
पटाक m. paTAka bird
पाटक m. pATaka kind of musical instrument
पाटक m. pATaka divider
पटक m. paTaka camp
पाटक m. pATaka long span
पताक m. patAka flag or banner
पाटक m. pATaka throwing dice
पाटक m. pATaka expense or loss of capital or stock
पटक m. paTaka cotton-cloth
पतक m. pataka astronomical table
पातक n. pAtaka sin
पातक n. pAtaka that which causes to fall or sink
पातक n. pAtaka loss of caste
पथक adj. pathaka guide
पथक adj. pathaka knowing the way
पाठक m. pAThaka reciter
पठक m. paThaka reader
पाठक m. pAThaka scholar
पाठक m. pAThaka lecturer
पाठक m. pAThaka Pandit who declares what is the law or custom according to the scriptures
पठक m. paThaka reciter
पाठक m. pAThaka student
पाठक m. pAThaka preceptor
पथक m. pathaka canton
पाठक m. pAThaka public reciter of the purANas or other sacred works
पाठक m. pAThaka teacher
पाठक m. pAThaka pupil
पथक n. pathaka district
पटकार m. paTakAra painter
पटकार m. paTakAra weaver
पताकायते verb patAkAyate { patAkAya } represent a flag or banner
पातकयोग m. pAtakayoga acting sinfully
पातकयोग m. pAtakayoga incurring guilt
पताकादण्ड m. patAkAdaNDa flag-staff
पताकांशुक n. patAkAMzuka flag
पताकास्थान n. patAkAsthAna intimation of an episodical incident
पथकल्पना f. pathakalpanA conjuring
पथकल्पना f. pathakalpanA juggling tricks
पताकास्थानक n. patAkAsthAnaka intimation of an episodical incident
पताकाध्वजमालिन् adj. patAkAdhvajamAlin garlanded with flags and banners
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