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पाचन n. pAcana digestion
पाचन n. pAcana digestion
पचन adj. pacana cooking
पाचन adj. pAcana softening
पाचन adj. pAcana suppurative
पचन adj. pacana maturing
पाचन adj. pAcana causing to cook or boil
पाचन adj. pAcana sour
पाचन adj. pAcana digestive
पचना f. pacanA ripening
पचना f. pacanA becoming ripe
पाचन m. pAcana sourness
पाचन m. pAcana
पचन m. pacana fire
पाचन m. pAcana acidity
पाचन m. pAcana fire
पाचन n. pAcana any medicinal preparation or decoction
पाचन n. pAcana dissolvent
पाचन n. pAcana cataplasm
पचन n. pacana roasting
पाचन n. pAcana stypic for closing wounds
पचन n. pacana act of cooking
पाचन n. pAcana expiation
पाचन n. pAcana causing a wound to close
पचन n. pacana baking [clay pot]
पाचन n. pAcana extracting extraneous substances from a wound by means of cataplasms
पाचन n. pAcana sort of drink
पचन n. pacana becoming cooked or ripe
पाचन n. pAcana act of cooking or baking
पचन n. pacana means or instrument for cooking
पाचन n. pAcana penance
पाचनक m. pAcanaka borax
पाचनक n. pAcanaka digestive
पाचनक n. pAcanaka dissolvent
पाचनक n. pAcanaka sort of drink
पाचनक n. pAcanaka causing a wound to close
पचनाग्नि m. pacanAgni fire for boiling
पचनागार n. pacanAgAra cooking room
पचनागार n. pacanAgAra kitchen
पचनक्रिया f. pacanakriyA cooking
पचनक्रिया f. pacanakriyA dressing food
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