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पारावत m. pArAvata pigeon
पारावत adj. pArAvata coming from a distance
पारावत adj. pArAvata distant
पारावत adj. pArAvata foreign
पारावत adj. pArAvata remote
पारावत m. pArAvata turtle-dove
पारावत m. pArAvata monkey
पारावत m. pArAvata black-and-white ebony [Diospyros malabarica - Bot.]
पारावत m. pArAvata mountain
पारवत m. pAravata pigeon
परावत m. parAvata Phalsa tree [Grewia Asiatica - Bot.]
पारावत m. pArAvata kind of snake
पारावत n. pArAvata fruit of black-and-white ebony [Diospyros malabarica - Bot.]
पारावताभ adj. pArAvatAbha pigeon-like
पारावताख m. pArAvatAkha dove-eyed
पारावताश्व m. pArAvatAzva having doves for horses
पारावतघ्नी f. pArAvataghnI striking the distant or at a distance
पारावतपदी f. pArAvatapadI Balloon plant [Cardiospermum Halicacabum - Bot.]
पारावतसवर्ण m. pArAvatasavarNa dove-coloured
पारावतमालायते verb pArAvatamAlAyate { pArAvatamAlAya } resemble a flock of turtles
पारावताङ्घ्रिपिच्छ m. pArAvatAGghripiccha kind of pigeon
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