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पार्ष्णि m. pArSNi heel
पार्ष्णि f. pArSNi heel
पार्ष्णि f. pArSNi foolish or licentious woman
पार्ष्णि f. pArSNi asking
पार्ष्णि f. pArSNi kick
पार्ष्णि f. pArSNi back
पार्ष्णि f. pArSNi rear of an army
पार्ष्णि f. pArSNi enquiry
पार्ष्णि f. pArSNi extremity of the fore-axle to which the outside horses of a four-horse chariot are attached
पार्ष्णिग adj. pArSNiga following a person's heels or the rear of an army
पार्ष्णित्र n. pArSNitra rear-guard reserve
पार्ष्णिवह् m. pArSNivah drawing the extremities of the axle-tree
पार्ष्णिवाह् m. pArSNivAh drawing the extremities of the axle-tree
पार्ष्णिवह् m. pArSNivah outside horse
पार्ष्णिवाह् m. pArSNivAh outside horse
पार्ष्णिवाह m. pArSNivAha drawing the extremities of the axle-tree
पार्ष्णिवाह m. pArSNivAha outside horse
पार्ष्णिघात m. pArSNighAta kick with the heels
पार्ष्णिग्राह adj. pArSNigrAha heel-catcher
पार्ष्णिग्राह adj. pArSNigrAha an enemy in the rear or a commander in the rear of an army
पार्ष्णिग्रह adj. pArSNigraha seizing or threatening from behind
पार्ष्णिग्राह adj. pArSNigrAha attacking in the rear
पार्ष्णिग्रह m. pArSNigraha either an ally who supports or an enemy who attacks the rear of a king
पार्ष्णिग्रह m. pArSNigraha follower
पर्ष्णिक्षेप m. parSNikSepa kick
पार्ष्णियन्तृ m. pArSNiyantR charioteer who drives side-horse
पार्ष्णिग्रहण n. pArSNigrahaNa attacking or threatening an enemy in the rear
पार्ष्णिसारथि m. pArSNisArathi two charioteers who drive the outside horses
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