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परिपार्श्व adj. paripArzva being at or by one's side
परिपार्श्व adj. paripArzva near
परिपार्श्व adj. paripArzva at hand
पारिपार्श्व n. pAripArzva attendants
पारिपार्श्व n. pAripArzva bystanders
पारिपार्श्व n. pAripArzva retinue
पारिपार्श्वक adj. pAripArzvaka standing at the side attending on
पारिपार्श्वक m. pAripArzvaka assistant of the manager of a play
पारिपार्श्वक m. pAripArzvaka attendant
पारिपार्श्वक m. pAripArzvaka servant
परिपार्श्वतस् ind. paripArzvatas at or by the side
परिपार्श्वतस् ind. paripArzvatas on both sides of
परिपार्श्वचर adj. paripArzvacara going at or by one's side
परिपार्श्ववर्तिन् adj. paripArzvavartin being at the side or near
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