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पार्श्व- pArzva- costal [pertaining to the sides of the body]
पार्श्वम् indecl. pArzvam near
पार्श्वतस् adverb pArzvatas apart from
पर्श्वतस् indecl. parzvatas aside
पार्श्वस्थ adj. pArzvastha being near or close to
पार्श्वस्थ n. pArzvastha rib
पार्श्वभूमि f. pArzvabhUmi background [computer]
पार्श्वं गच्छ ! sent. pArzvaM gaccha ! Move to one side!
स्फटवत् पार्श्व n. sphaTavat pArzva crystalline face
पार्श्वभूमिकार्याणि n. pArzvabhUmikAryANi background tasks [computer]
पार्श्वभूमिमुद्रण n. pArzvabhUmimudraNa background printing [computer]
पार्श्वापणे पृच्छतु sent. pArzvApaNe pRcchatu Please enquire at the next shop.
इमं पार्श्वम् आगच्छ sent. imaM pArzvam Agaccha Come this side!
कुञ्चिकां पार्श्वगृहे दत्वा गच्छामि sent. kuJcikAM pArzvagRhe datvA gacchAmi I will leave the key with our neighbours.
पार्श्वगृहं गत्वा पत्रिकां आनयतु sent. pArzvagRhaM gatvA patrikAM Anayatu Get me the newspaper from our neighbour.
पार्श्व adj. pArzva proximate
पार्श्व adj. pArzva near
पार्श्व m. pArzva heaven and earth
पार्श्व m. pArzva side horse on a chariot
पार्श्व m. n. pArzva side
पार्श्व n. pArzva side of any square figure
पार्श्व n. pArzva expedient
पार्श्व n. pArzva thorax
पार्श्व n. pArzva fraudulent or crooked
पार्श्व n. pArzva curve or circumference of a wheel
पार्श्व n. pArzva multitude of ribs
पार्श्व n. pArzva curved knife
पार्श्व n. pArzva nearness
पार्श्व n. pArzva region of the ribs
पार्श्व n. pArzva extremity of the fore-axle nearest the wheel to which the outside horses of a four-horse chariot are attached
पार्श्व n. pArzva proximity
पार्श्व n. pArzva flank
पार्श्वद m. pArzvada turning the side towards another
पार्श्वद m. pArzvada attendant
पार्श्वद m. pArzvada attendants
पार्श्वद m. pArzvada retinue
पार्श्वग adj. pArzvaga being in close proximity to
पार्श्वग adj. pArzvaga going at a person's side
पार्श्वग adj. pArzvaga accompanying
पार्श्वग adj. pArzvaga an attendant
पार्श्वग m. pArzvaga attendants
पार्श्वग m. pArzvaga retinue
पार्श्वक adj. pArzvaka one who seeks wealth or other objects by indirect or side means
पार्श्वक m. pArzvaka rib
पार्श्वक n. pArzvaka by-way
पार्श्वक n. pArzvaka dishonest means
पर्श्वध m. parzvadha axe
पर्श्वध m. parzvadha hatchet
पार्श्वार्ति f. pArzvArti pain in the side pleurisy
पार्श्वतस् ind. pArzvatas near
पार्श्वतस् ind. pArzvatas sideways
पार्श्वतस् ind. pArzvatas aside
पार्श्वतस् ind. pArzvatas at the side
पार्श्वतस् ind. pArzvatas by or from the side
पर्श्वतस् indecl. parzvatas at the side
पर्श्वतस् indecl. parzvatas by or from the side
पर्श्वतस् indecl. parzvatas sideways
पर्श्वतस् indecl. parzvatas near
पार्श्वचर m. pArzvacara attendants
पार्श्वचर m. pArzvacara retinue
पार्श्वचर m. pArzvacara attendant
पार्श्वदाह m. pArzvadAha burning pain in the side
पार्श्वदेश m. pArzvadeza region of the side
पार्श्वदेश m. pArzvadeza ribs
पार्श्वगत adj. pArzvagata being at the side
पार्श्वगत adj. pArzvagata being close to
पार्श्वगत adj. pArzvagata being beside
पार्श्वगत adj. pArzvagata being close to or beside
पार्श्वगत adj. pArzvagata accompanying
पार्श्वगत adj. pArzvagata screening
पार्श्वगत adj. pArzvagata attending
पार्श्वगत adj. pArzvagata sheltered
पार्श्वमानी f. pArzvamAnI longer side of an oblong or the side of a square
पार्श्वासीन adj. pArzvAsIna sitting by the side
पार्श्वस्थ adj. pArzvastha proximate
पार्श्वस्थ adj. pArzvastha adjacent
पार्श्वस्थ adj. pArzvastha being near to
पार्श्वस्थ adj. pArzvastha being close to
पार्श्वस्थ adj. pArzvastha standing at the side
पार्श्वस्थ m. pArzvastha associate
पार्श्वस्थ m. pArzvastha companion
पार्श्वस्थ m. pArzvastha stage manager's assistant
पार्श्वास्थि n. pArzvAsthi side-bone
पार्श्वास्थि n. pArzvAsthi rib
पार्श्वतीय adj. pArzvatIya being on or belonging to or situated at the side
पार्श्वायात adj. pArzvAyAta one who has approached close to
पार्श्वशय adj. pArzvazaya lying of sleeping on the side
पार्श्वशूल m. pArzvazUla stitch
पार्श्वशूल m. pArzvazUla pleurisy
पार्श्वशूल m. pArzvazUla shooting pain in the side
पार्श्वभाग m. pArzvabhAga side or flank [of an elephant]
पार्श्वभाग m. pArzvabhAga side-portion
पार्श्वचराः m. pl. pArzvacarAH attendants
पार्श्वचराः m. pl. pArzvacarAH retinue
पार्श्वद्रुम m. pArzvadruma trees at the side or on every side
पार्श्वासन्न adj. pArzvAsanna sitting by the side
पार्श्वासन्न adj. pArzvAsanna present
पार्श्वासन्न adj. pArzvAsanna standing next
पार्श्वभङ्ग m. pArzvabhaGga pain in the side
पार्श्वगमन n. pArzvagamana accompanying
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