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पावकवृति f. pAvakavRti firewall [computer]
पावकम् दत्ते verb 3 pAvakam datte { dA } set on fire
पावकम् ददाति verb 3 pAvakam dadAti { dA } set on fire
पावक adj. pAvaka bright
पावक adj. pAvaka shining
पावक adj. pAvaka clear
पावक adj. pAvaka pure
पवाका f. pavAkA whirlwind
पवाका f. pavAkA storm
पावक m. pAvaka false black pepper [Embelia Ribes - Bot.]
पावक m. pAvaka fire or the god of fire
पावक m. pAvaka saint
पावक m. pAvaka fire
पावक m. pAvaka kind of mint herb [Prenmna Spinosa - Bot.]
पावक m. pAvaka kind of RSi
पावक m. pAvaka marking nut plant [ Semecarpus Anacardium - Bot. ]
पावक m. pAvaka person purified by religious abstraction or one who purified from sin
पावक m. pAvaka safflower [Carthamus tinctorius - Bot.]
पावक m. pAvaka Ceylon Leadwort plant or some other species [Plumbago zeylanica - Bot.]
पावकवत् adj. pAvakavat containing the word or having the name pAvaka
पावकारणि m. pAvakAraNi araNi tree [Premna serratifolia - Bot.]
पावकार्चिस् f. pAvakArcis flash of fire
पावकास्त्र n. pAvakAstra fiery weapon
पावकवर्ण adj. pAvakavarNa of pure or brilliant aspect
पावकशोचिस् adj. pAvakazocis shining brightly
पावकवर्चस् adj. pAvakavarcas brightly resplendent
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