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पाश m. pAza chain
पाश m. pAza net
पाश m. pAza cord
पाश m. pAza rope
पाशं योजयति verb pAzaM yojayati set a trap
अन्ने केवलं पाषाणाः sent. anne kevalaM pASANAH A lot of stones in the rice.
पाषाणखण्डान् स्वीकृत्य phrase pASANakhaNDAn svIkRtya having picked up stones
पाश m. pAza fetter
पाश m. pAza selvage
पाश m. pAza border
पाश m. pAza nature
पाश m. pAza tie
पाश m. pAza dice
पाश m. pAza noose as attribute of ziva or yama
पाश m. pAza bond
पाश m. pAza die
पाश m. pAza noose
पाश m. pAza particular constellation
पाश m. pAza snare
पाश m. pAza edge
पाश m. pAza particular land-measure
पाश m. pAza anything that binds or fetters the soul i.e. the outer world
पाश m. pAza trap
पसस् n. pasas penis
पाषक m. pASaka ornament for the feet
पाषाण m. pASANa stone
पाषाणी f. pASANI small stone used as a weight
पाषाणी f. pASANI spear
पषते verb paSate { paS } go
पषते verb paSate { paS } bind
पषते verb paSate { paS } hinder
पषते verb paSate { paS } touch
पसते verb 10 pasate { pas } bind
पषति verb paSati { paS } touch
पषति verb paSati { paS } go
पषति verb paSati { paS } bind
पषति verb paSati { paS } hinder
पसति verb 10 pasati { pas } bind
पाशक m. pAzaka snare
पाशक m. pAzaka trap
पाशक m. pAzaka die
पाशक m. pAzaka noose
पाशव adj. pAzava derived from or belonging to cattle or animals
पाशव n. pAzava flock
पाशव n. pAzava herd
पाषण्ड adj. pASaNDa heretical
पाषण्ड adj. pASaNDa impious
पाषण्ड m. pASaNDa impostor
पाषण्ड m. pASaNDa heretic
पाषण्ड m. pASaNDa jaina
पाषण्ड m. pASaNDa any one who falsely assumes the characteristics of an orthodox Hindu
पाषण्ड m. pASaNDa hypocrite
पाषण्ड m. pASaNDa Buddhist
पाषण्ड m. pASaNDa heresy
पाषण्ड n. pASaNDa false doctrine
पाशान्त m. pAzAnta back of a garment
पाशत्व n. pAzatva state or condition of the outer world or nature
पाशवत् adj. pAzavat having or possessing a noose
पशव्य adj. pazavya belonging or relating to cattle
पशव्य adj. pazavya fit or suitable for cattle
पशव्य m. pazavya sexual love or intercourse
पशव्य n. pazavya herd or drove of cattle
पाषण्डिन् m. pASaNDin heretic
पाषाण्ड्य n. pASANDya heresy
पषयति verb paSayati { paS } go
पाषयति verb pASayati { paS } bind
पषयति verb paSayati { paS } bind
पषयति verb paSayati { paS } hinder
पषयति verb paSayati { paS } touch
पासयति verb 10 pAsayati { pas } bind
पाशजाल n. pAzajAla outer world conceived as a net
पाशपाणि m. pAzapANi noose in hand
पाशयते verb pAzayate { pAzAya } become a rope
पाशयति verb pAzayati { paz } fasten
पाशयति verb pAzayati { paz } bind
पाषण्डक m. pASaNDaka heretic
पाषण्डता f. pASaNDatA heresy
पाषण्डता f. pASaNDatA heterodoxy
पाषण्डिक m. pASaNDika heretic
पाशधर m. pAzadhara holding a noose
पाशहस्त adj. pAzahasta noose in hand
पाशक्रीडा f. pAzakrIDA dice-play
पाशक्रीडा f. pAzakrIDA gambling
पाशरज्जु f. pAzarajju fetter
पाशरज्जु f. pAzarajju rope
पाषाणमय adj. pASANamaya consisting or made of stone
पाषाणशिला f. pASANazilA flat stone
पाशबद्ध adj. pAzabaddha snared
पाशबद्ध adj. pAzabaddha bound
पाशबद्ध adj. pAzabaddha caught
पाशबद्ध adj. pAzabaddha noosed
पाशबन्ध m. pAzabandha noose
पाशबन्ध m. pAzabandha halter
पाशबन्ध m. pAzabandha net
पाशबन्ध m. pAzabandha snare
पाशकण्ठ adj. pAzakaNTha having a noose round the neck
पाशवमत n. pAzavamata erroneous doctrine
पाषाणभेद m. pASANabheda painted nettle [Solenostemon scutellarioides - Bot.]
पाषण्डस्थ adj. pASaNDastha belonging to an heretical sect
पाषण्डस्थ adj. pASaNDastha addicted to heresy
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