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पीयूष m. n. pIyUSa coffee
पीयूष n. pIyUSa nectar
पीयूष m.n. pIyUSa cream
पीयूष m.n. pIyUSa juice
पीयूष m.n. pIyUSa milk of a cow during the first seven days after calving
पीयूष m.n. pIyUSa biestings
पीयूष m.n. pIyUSa any thick fluid
पीयूषता f. pIyUSatA condition or quality of nectar
पीयूषति verb pIyUSati { pIyUSa } become or turn into nectar
पीयूषभुज् m. pIyUSabhuj god
पीयूषभुज् m. pIyUSabhuj nectar-quaffer
पीयूषधारा f. pIyUSadhArA stream of nectar
पीयूषद्युति m. pIyUSadyuti moon
पीयूषद्युति m. pIyUSadyuti nectar -rayed
पीयूषपूर्ण adj. pIyUSapUrNa nectar-like
पीयूषपूर्ण adj. pIyUSapUrNa full of nectar
पीयूषवर्ण adj. pIyUSavarNa milk-white white
पीयूषवर्ण m. pIyUSavarNa white horse
पीयूषवर्ष m. pIyUSavarSa shower of nectar
पीयूषधामन् m. pIyUSadhAman moon
पीयूषधामन् m. pIyUSadhAman nectar -rayed
पीयूषगरल n. pIyUSagarala nectar and poison
पीयूषकणिका f. pIyUSakaNikA nectar-drop name of
पीयूषलहरी f. pIyUSalaharI stream of nectar
पीयूषसागर m. pIyUSasAgara sea of nectar
पीयूषधाराकिर् m. pIyUSadhArAkir moon
पीयूषधाराकिर् m. pIyUSadhArAkir pouring out streams of nectar
पीयूषवर्षायते verb pIyUSavarSAyate { pIyUSavarSAya } become or turn into a shower of nectar