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पृथिवी f. pRthivI earth
पृथिवीभृत् m. pRthivIbhRt tree [fig.]
पृथिवी f. pRthivI soil
पृथिवी f. pRthivI earth or wide world
पृथिवी f. pRthivI earth regarded as one of the elements
पृथिवी f. pRthivI ground
पृथिवी f. pRthivI land
पृथिविदा adj. pRthividA earth-giving
पृथिवीश m. pRthivIza earth-lord
पृथिवीश m. pRthivIza king
पृथिवीप्र adj. pRthivIpra earth-filling
पृथिवीषद् adj. pRthivISad abiding on earth
पृथिविसद् adj. pRthivisad sitting on the earth
पृथिवीत्व n. pRthivItva earthiness
पृथिवित्व n. pRthivitva state or condition of the earth
पृथिवीत्व n. pRthivItva state or condition of the earth
पृथिवीभृत् m. pRthivIbhRt mountain
पृथिवीभृत् m. pRthivIbhRt earth-bearer
पृथिवीभुज् m. pRthivIbhuj earth-enjoyer
पृथिवीभुज् m. pRthivIbhuj king
पृथिवीक्षित् adj. pRthivIkSit dwelling on or ruling over the earth
पृथिवीक्षित् m. pRthivIkSit king
पृथिवीक्षित् m. pRthivIkSit prince
पृथिविलोक m. pRthiviloka earth regarded as a world
पृथिवीमय adj. pRthivImaya earthen
पृथिवीमय adj. pRthivImaya formed of earth
पृथिवीन्द्र m. pRthivIndra prince
पृथिवीन्द्र m. pRthivIndra indra of the earth
पृथिवीन्द्र m. pRthivIndra king
पृथिवीपति m. pRthivIpati earth-lord
पृथिवीपति m. pRthivIpati species of bulbous plant growing on the Himalaya mountains
पृथिवीपति m. pRthivIpati king
पृथिवीपति m. pRthivIpati prince
पृथिवीरस m. pRthivIrasa earth-sap
पृथिवीरुह m. pRthivIruha earth-grower
पृथिवीरुह m. pRthivIruha plant
पृथिवीरुह m. pRthivIruha tree
पृथिवीतल n. pRthivItala terrestrial or infernal regions
पृथिवीतल n. pRthivItala earth-surface
पृथिवीतल n. pRthivItala ground
पृथिविभाग adj. pRthivibhAga entitled to it
पृथिविभाग adj. pRthivibhAga having the earth as a share
पृथिवीद्यावा pRthivIdyAvA earth and heaven [du.]
पृथिवीञ्जय adj. pRthivIJjaya earth-conquering
पृथिवीकम्प m. pRthivIkampa earthquake
पृथिवीमण्ड n. pRthivImaNDa earth-scum
पृथिवीन्ददा f. pRthivIndadA earth-giving
पृथिवीप्लव m. pRthivIplava earth-flood
पृथिवीप्लव m. pRthivIplava sea
पृथिवीराज्य n. pRthivIrAjya sovereignty
पृथिवीराज्य n. pRthivIrAjya earth-dominion
पृथिवीशक्र m. pRthivIzakra indra of the earth
पृथिवीचन्द्र m. pRthivIcandra earth-moon
पृथिवीकृत्स्न n. pRthivIkRtsna one of the 10 mystical exercises called kRtsna
पृथिवीधरण n. pRthivIdharaNa prop or support of the earth
पृथिवीमण्डल n. pRthivImaNDala the circuit of the earth
पृथिविषद्ष्ठ adj. pRthiviSadSTha stepping firmly
पृथिविषद्ष्ठा adj. pRthiviSadSThA stepping firmly
पृथिविषद्ष्ठ adj. pRthiviSadSTha standing on the earth
पृथिविषद्ष्ठा adj. pRthiviSadSThA standing on the earth
पृथिवीसंशित adj. pRthivIsaMzita impelled by the earth
पृथिवीभुजङ्ग m. pRthivIbhujaGga earth-lover
पृथिवीभुजङ्ग m. pRthivIbhujaGga king
पृथिवीदण्डपाल m. pRthivIdaNDapAla police-magistrate of a country
पृथिवीपार्वतक m. pRthivIpArvataka petroleum
पृथिवीपार्वतक n. pRthivIpArvataka rock-oil
पृथिवीप्रतिष्ठ adj. pRthivIpratiSTha having the earth as a support
पृथिवीपरिपालक m. pRthivIparipAlaka earth-guardian
पृथिवीपरिपालक m. pRthivIparipAlaka king
पृथिवीपरिपालक m. pRthivIparipAlaka prince
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