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पूजा f. pUjA honour
पूजक adj. pUjaka respecting
पूजक adj. pUjaka honouring
पुजक m. pujaka worshipper
पूजन n. pUjana honouring
पूजन n. pUjana worshipping
पूजार्ह adj. pUjArha respectable
पूजाकर adj. pUjAkara showing homage to
पूजाकर adj. pUjAkara showing respect to
पूजां करोति verb 8 pUjAM karoti { pUjAM kR } worship
पूजा f. pUjA respect
पूजा f. pUjA worship [act]
पूजा f. pUjA veneration
पूजा f. pUjA homage to superiors or adoration of the gods
पूजा f. pUjA reverence
पूजक adj. pUjaka worshipping
पूजक adj. pUjaka worshipper
पूजन n. pUjana hen-sparrow
पूजन n. pUjana honoring
पूजन n. pUjana hospitable reception
पूजन n. pUjana reverencing
पूजन n. pUjana object of reverence
पूजन n. pUjana worship
पूजन n. pUjana respect
पूजन n. pUjana attention
पूजार्ह adj. pUjArha worthy of reverence or honour
पूजार्ह adj. pUjArha venerable
पूजावत् adj. pUjAvat enjoying honour or distinction
पूजागृह n. pUjAgRha house of worship
पूजागृह n. pUjAgRha temple
पूजागृह n. pUjAgRha prayer hall
पूजाकर adj. pUjAkara paying respect or showing homage to
पूजनीय adj. pUjanIya honourable
पूजनीय adj. pUjanIya to be revered or worshipped
पूजनीय adj. pUjanIya venerable
पूजयान adj. pUjayAna honouring
पूजयान adj. pUjayAna reverencing
पूजयति verb pUjayati { pUj } regard
पूजयति verb pUjayati { pUj } honour or present with
पूजयति verb pUjayati { pUj } honour
पूजयति verb pUjayati { pUj } initiate
पूजयति verb pUjayati { pUj } revere
पूजयति verb pUjayati { pUj } consecrate
पूजयति verb pUjayati { pUj } respect
पूजयति verb 10 U pUjayati { pUj } worship
पूजयितृ adj. pUjayitR worshipping
पूजयितृ adj. pUjayitR worshipper
पूजयितृ adj. pUjayitR honouring
पूजाविधि m. pUjAvidhi showing homage
पूजाविधि m. pUjAvidhi paying respect
पूजाकर्मन् adj. pUjAkarman denoting the action of honouring
पूजाकर्मन् adj. pUjAkarman meaning to honour
पूजास्थान n. pUjAsthAna object of reverence
पूजापट्टक n. pUjApaTTaka deed or document of honour
पूजासम्भार m. pUjAsambhAra requisites for the worship or adoration of a god
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