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पूर्नपात्र n. pUrnapAtra present given to servants
पूर्णपात्र adj. pUrNapAtra cupful
पूर्णपात्र adj. pUrNapAtra full vessel or cup
पूर्णपात्र adj. pUrNapAtra as much as will fill a vessel
पूर्णपात्र n. pUrNapAtra vessel filled with valuable things to be distributed as presents
पूर्णपात्र n. pUrNapAtra vessel full of rice presented at a sacrifice to the superintending and officiating priests
पूर्णपात्रमय adj. pUrNapAtramaya amounting to a full vessel or to only so much
पूर्णपात्रमय adj. pUrNapAtramaya consisting of a full vessel
पूर्णपात्रवृत्त्य ind. pUrNapAtravRttya abundantly
पूर्णपात्रवृत्त्य ind. pUrNapAtravRttya after the manner of a full vessel
पूर्णपात्रवृत्त्य ind. pUrNapAtravRttya plentifully
पूर्णपात्रप्रतिभट adj. pUrNapAtrapratibhaTa emulating the fullness or a full vessel i.e. overflowing
पूर्णपात्रप्रतिभट adj. pUrNapAtrapratibhaTa supreme
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