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पूर्वता f. pUrvatA priority [computer]
पूर्वतन adj. pUrvatana previous
पूर्वतन adj. pUrvatana ancient
पूर्वतन adj. pUrvatana former
पूर्वतन adj. pUrvatana old
पूर्वतानिश्चय m. pUrvatAnizcaya priority scheduling [computer]
पूर्वताविधान n. pUrvatAvidhAna priority scheduling [computer]
पूर्वतानुसूचन n. pUrvatAnusUcana priority scheduling [computer]
पूर्वता f. pUrvatA being preceded or accompanied by
पूर्वतस् ind. pUrvatas towards or in the east
पूर्वतस् ind. pUrvatas before
पूर्वतस् ind. pUrvatas first
पूर्वतस् ind. pUrvatas in front
पूर्वतस् ind. pUrvatas in the first place
पूर्वथा ind. pUrvathA previously
पूर्वथा ind. pUrvathA first
पूर्वथा ind. pUrvathA formerly or is formerly
पूर्वतन adj. pUrvatana earlier
पूर्वतर adj. pUrvatara previous
पूर्वतर adj. pUrvatara prior
पूर्वतर adj. pUrvatara anterior
पूर्वतर adj. pUrvatara earlier
पूर्वतरम् ind. pUrvataram previously
पूर्वतरम् ind. pUrvataram before
पूर्वतरम् ind. pUrvataram first
पूर्वतस्कर m. pUrvataskara former thief
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