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पूर्ववत्करोति verb 8 pUrvavatkaroti { pUrvavat- kR } repair
पूर्ववत् adj. pUrvavat having something preceding or antecedent
पूर्ववत् adj. pUrvavat in which a conclusion is drawn from a previous cause to in effect
पूर्ववत् adverb pUrvavat as before
पूर्ववत् f. pUrvavat one who has been previously married
पूर्ववत् ind. pUrvavat as aforesaid
पूर्ववत् ind. pUrvavat as heretofore
पूर्ववत् ind. pUrvavat as hitherto
पूर्ववत् ind. pUrvavat according to something previous
पूर्ववत् n. pUrvavat add
पूर्ववत् n. pUrvavat reasoning from cause to effect
पूर्ववत्तर adj. pUrvavattara former
पूर्ववत्तर adj. pUrvavattara antecedent
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