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पूर्वय adj. pUrvaya edged
पूर्वय adj. pUrvaya trimmed
पूर्वयति verb pUrvayati { purv } dwell
पूर्वयक्ष m. pUrvayakSa first yakSa
पूर्वयाम्य adj. pUrvayAmya south-eastern
पूर्वयाम्ये ind. pUrvayAmye in the south-east
पूर्वयावन् m. pUrvayAvan going before
पूर्वयावन् m. pUrvayAvan leader
पूर्वयायिन् adj. pUrvayAyin moving towards the east
पूर्वयायात n. pUrvayAyAta more ancient form of the legend of king yayAti or that current in the east