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पञ्चक adj. paJcaka consisting of 5
पञ्चक adj. paJcaka made of 5
पञ्चक adj. paJcaka five days old
पञ्चक adj. paJcaka bought with 5
पञ्चक adj. paJcaka relating to 5
पञ्चक m. paJcaka particular caste
पञ्चक m. paJcaka any collection or aggregate of 5
पञ्चक m. paJcaka 5 first disciples of gautama buddha
पञ्चक n. paJcaka taking 5 per cent
पञ्चक n. paJcaka 5 percent
पञ्चक n. paJcaka field of battle
पञ्चक n. paJcaka aggregate of 5
पञ्चक n. paJcaka
पञ्चकल्प m. paJcakalpa one who studies or has studied 5 kalpas
पञ्चकर्म n. paJcakarma 5 kinds of treatment
पञ्चकर्मी f. paJcakarmI 5 kinds of treatment
पञ्चकर्ण adj. paJcakarNa branded in the ear with the number 5
पञ्चकमाला f. paJcakamAlA kind of metre
पञ्चकपाल adj. paJcakapAla prepared or offered in five cups or bowls
पञ्चकपाल m. paJcakapAla oblation so offered
पञ्चकर्मन् n. paJcakarman 5 kinds of treatment
पञ्चकारुकी f. paJcakArukI 5 artisans in a village
पञ्चकषाय m. paJcakaSAya decoction from the fruits of 5 plants
पञ्चकावली f. paJcakAvalI kind of metre
पञ्चकशत n. paJcakazata 5 percent
पञ्चखट्वी f. paJcakhaTvI collection of 5 bedsteads
पाञ्चकर्मिक adj. pAJcakarmika relating or applicable to the 5 kinds of treatment
पञ्चकमासिक adj. paJcakamAsika one who receives or earns 5 per month
पञ्चकापित्थ adj. paJcakApittha prepared with the 5 products of wood apple tree [Feronia Elephantum - Bot.]
पञ्चकषायज adj. paJcakaSAyaja produced from the above decoction
पञ्चकल्याणक m. paJcakalyANaka horse with white feet and a white mouth
पञ्चकषायात्थ adj. paJcakaSAyAttha produced from the above decoction
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