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पञ्चता f. paJcatA fivefold state or amount
पञ्चता f. paJcatA aggregate or a collection of 5 things
पञ्चता f. paJcatA aggregate of earth, air , fire , water and ether
पञ्चता f. paJcatA dissolution into basic five elements i.e. death
पञ्चता f. paJcatA five foldness
पञ्चातपा f. paJcAtapA doing penance with 5 fires
पञ्चतार adj. paJcatAra five-starred
पञ्चतय adj. paJcataya having five parts or limbs
पञ्चतय adj. paJcataya fivefold
पञ्चतक्षी f. paJcatakSI collection of 5 carpenters
पञ्चतपस् adj. paJcatapas sitting between the 5 fires
पञ्चतपस् n. paJcatapas 5 fires
पञ्चतत्त्व n. paJcatattva 5 elements collectively
पञ्चतत्त्व n. paJcatattva 5 essentials
पञ्चतां याति verb paJcatAM yAti die [return to basic five elements]
पञ्चतां गच्छति verb paJcatAM gacchati die [return to basic five elements]
पञ्चताम् उपनयति verb paJcatAm upanayati kill
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