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पञ्जर n. paJjara cage
पाञ्जर adj. pAJjara relating or belonging to a cage
पञ्जर m. paJjara kind of bulbous plant
पञ्जर m. paJjara purificatory ceremony performed on cows
पञ्जर m. paJjara body
पञ्जर m. paJjara kaliyuga
पञ्जर m. n. paJjara ribs [anat.]
पञ्जर m. n. paJjara skeleton
पञ्जर n. paJjara aviary
पञ्जर n. paJjara dove-cot
पञ्जरक m. paJjaraka aviary
पञ्जरक n. paJjaraka cage
पञ्जरभाज् adj. paJjarabhAj keeping the cage
पञ्जरभाज् adj. paJjarabhAj remaining in it
पञ्जरशुक m. paJjarazuka parrot in a cage
पञ्जराखेट m. paJjarAkheTa sort of basket or wicker trap in which fish are caught
पञ्जरकपोत m. paJjarakapota pigeon in a cage
पञ्जरकेसरिन् m. paJjarakesarin lion in a cage
पञ्जरकपिञ्जल m. paJjarakapiJjala partridge in a cage
पञ्जरचालनन्याय m. paJjaracAlananyAya rule of shaking the cage
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