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पञ्जर n. paJjara cage
पाञ्जर adj. pAJjara relating or belonging to a cage
पञ्जर m. paJjara kaliyuga
पञ्जर m. paJjara kind of bulbous plant
पञ्जर m. paJjara purificatory ceremony performed on cows
पञ्जर m. paJjara body
पञ्जर m. n. paJjara skeleton
पञ्जर m. n. paJjara ribs [anat.]
पञ्जर n. paJjara aviary
पञ्जर n. paJjara dove-cot
पञ्जरक m. paJjaraka aviary
पञ्जरक n. paJjaraka cage
पञ्जरभाज् adj. paJjarabhAj remaining in it
पञ्जरभाज् adj. paJjarabhAj keeping the cage
पञ्जरशुक m. paJjarazuka parrot in a cage
पञ्जराखेट m. paJjarAkheTa sort of basket or wicker trap in which fish are caught
पञ्जरकपोत m. paJjarakapota pigeon in a cage
पञ्जरकेसरिन् m. paJjarakesarin lion in a cage
पञ्जरकपिञ्जल m. paJjarakapiJjala partridge in a cage
पञ्जरचालनन्याय m. paJjaracAlananyAya rule of shaking the cage
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