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पटहम् दत्ते verb 3 paTaham datte { dA } proclaim with the drum
पटहम् ददाति verb 3 paTaham dadAti { dA } proclaim with the drum
पटह m. paTaha beginning
पटह m. paTaha hurting
पटह m. paTaha kettledrum
पटह m. paTaha tabor
पटह m. paTaha drum
पटह m. paTaha war-drum
पटहता f. paTahatA noise or function of a drum
पटहध्वनि adj. paTahadhvani sounding like a drum
पटहध्वनि m. paTahadhvani sound of a drum
पटहताडक m. paTahatADaka drummer
पटहघोषक m. paTahaghoSaka crier who beats a drum before making a proclamation
पटहघोषणा f. paTahaghoSaNA proclamation made by beating a drum
पटहानन्तर adj. paTahAnantara accompanied by the sound of a drum
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