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पाद्म adj. pAdma relating to or treating of the lotus
पद्म adj. padma lotus-hued
पद्म adj. padma being of the colour of a lotus
पद्मा f. padmA lotus-hued one
पद्म m. padma elephant
पद्म m. padma species of serpent
पद्म m. padma of two serpent-demons
पद्म m. padma name of one of the attendants of skanda
पद्म m. padma flower of Safflower [Carthamus tinctorius - Bot.]
पद्म m. padma species of plant
पद्म m. padma cloves
पद्म m.,n. padma lotus [Nelumbo nucifera - Bot.]
पद्म m.n. padma particular constellation
पद्म m.n. padma red or coloured marks on the face or trunk of an elephant
पद्म m.n. padma kind of coitus
पद्म m.n. padma root of sacred lotus [Nelumbo nucifera - Bot.]
पद्म m.n. padma particular fragrant substance
पद्म m.n. padma particular part of a column or pillar
पद्म m.n. padma one of the 9 treasures of kubera
पद्म m.n. padma lead
पद्म m.n. padma kind of temple
पद्म m.n. padma one of the 8 treasures connected with the magical art called padminI
पद्म m.n. padma form or figure of a lotus
पद्म m.n. padma army arrayed in the form of a lotus
पद्म m.n. padma particular high number
पद्म m.n. padma particular mark or mole on the human body
पद्म m.n. padma particular posture of the body in religious meditation
पद्म m.n. padma resin of Guggul tree [Commiphora wightii - Bot.]
पद्मादि m. padmAdi lotus-flower
पद्मज m. padmaja lotus-born
पद्मक m. padmaka army arrayed in the form of a lotus-flower
पद्मक m. padmaka species of tree
पद्मक m.n. padmaka red spots on the skin of an elephant
पद्मक m.n. padmaka wood of wild Himalayan cherry [Prunus cerasoides - Bot.]
पद्मक n. padmaka crape ginger or Variegated ginger [Costus Speciosus or Arabicus - Bot.]
पद्मक n. padmaka particular posture in sitting
पद्मता f. padmatA state or condition of a lotus
पद्माट m. padmATa Sickle Wild Sensitive-plant [Cassia Tora]
पद्माह्वा f. padmAhvA Confederate rose [Hibiscus Mutabilis - Bot.]
पद्मकिन् m. padmakin Himalayan birch [Bhojpatra, Betula - Bot.]
पद्माक्ष adj. padmAkSa lotus-eyed
पद्माक्ष n. padmAkSa lotus-seed
पद्मवत् adj. padmavat full of lotus-flowers
पद्मशस् ind. padmazas by thousands of billions
पद्मश्री f. padmazrI beautiful as a lotus flower
पद्मश्री f. padmazrI name of a bodhisattva
पद्मबीज n. padmabIja lotus-seed
पद्मगृहा f. padmagRhA lotus-housed
पद्महास m. padmahAsa smiling like or with a lotus
पद्मकर adj. padmakara lotus in hand
पद्माकार adj. padmAkAra lotus-shaped
पद्मकर m. padmakara lotus-like hand
पद्माकर m. padmAkara lotus-pool or an assemblage of lotuses
पद्मकेतु m. padmaketu particular comet
पद्मकीट m. padmakITa species of venomous insect
पद्मकोश m. padmakoza calyx of a lotus
पद्मकोश m. padmakoza particular position of the fingers resembling the calyx of a lotus
पद्मालय m. padmAlaya dwelling in a lotus
पद्ममय adj. padmamaya made or consisting of lotus-flowers
पद्ममूल n. padmamUla lotus-root
पद्मनाल m. padmanAla lotus stalk
पद्मपाणि m. padmapANi sun
पद्मपाणि m. padmapANi most widely revered Bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism [Avalokitezvara]
पद्मपाणि m. padmapANi lotus-handed or holding a lotus in the hand
पद्मपाणि m. padmapANi name of the bodhisattva avalokitezvara
पद्मपाणि m. padmapANi name of viSNu
पद्मराग m. padmarAga ruby
पद्मराग m. padmarAga lotus-hued
पद्मराज m. padmarAja lotus-king
पद्मराज m. padmarAja of a poet
पद्मरूप adj. padmarUpa lotus-hued
पद्मासन adj. padmAsana sitting in a lotus or in the position called padmAsana
पद्मासन m. padmAsana sun
पद्मासन n. padmAsana kind of coitus
पद्मासन n. padmAsana lotus as seat
पद्मासन n. padmAsana particular posture in religious meditation
पद्मावती f. padmAvatI kind of Prakrit metre
पद्मावती f. padmAvatI Confederate rose [Hibiscus Mutabilis - Bot.]
पद्मायते verb padmAyate { padmAya } resemble the flower of sacred lotus [Nelumbo nucifera - Bot.]
पद्मयोनि m. padmayoni name of sev. men
पद्मयोनि m. padmayoni lotus-born
पद्मयोनि m. padmayoni name of a buddha
पद्मभाश m. padmabhAza brilliant with a lotus
पद्मधर m. padmadhara lotus-bearer
पद्महस्त m. padmahasta particular measure of length
पद्माह्वय m. padmAhvaya wild Himalayan cherry [Prunus cerasoides - Bot.]
पद्मकुण्ड n. padmakuNDa particular mystical figure
पद्ममालिन् adj. padmamAlin lotus-garlanded
पद्ममुखी f. padmamukhI camelthorn-bush [Alhagi Maurorum - Bot.]
पद्मनाभ m. padmanAbha lotus-naveled
पद्मनाभ m. padmanAbha magical formula spoken over weapons
पद्मनेत्र m. padmanetra lotus-eyed
पद्मनेत्र m. padmanetra species of bird
पद्मान्तर m. padmAntara lotus-leaf
पद्मपर्ण n. padmaparNa crape ginger or Variegated ginger [Costus Speciosus or Arabicus - Bot.]
पद्मपुष्प m. padmapuSpa Dinner plate or karnikara tree [Pterospermum Acerifolium - Bot.]
पद्मपुष्प m. padmapuSpa species of bird
पद्मरेखा f. padmarekhA line in the palm of the hand indicating the acquisition of great wealth
पद्मरेखा f. padmarekhA lotus-line
पद्मषण्ड n. padmaSaNDa multitude of lotuses
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