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पद्मिनी f. padminI lotus
पद्मिनी f. padminI lotus plant
पद्मिनी f. padminI woman belonging to the first of the 4 classes into which the sex is divided
पद्मिनी f. padminI female elephant
पद्मिनी f. padminI lotus-stalk
पद्मिनी f. padminI multitude of lotuses or a lotus-pond
पद्मिनी f. padminI sacred lotus [Nelumbo nucifera - Bot.]
पद्मिनी f. padminI particular magical art
पद्मिनी f. padminI excellent woman
पद्मिनीश m. padminIza sun
पद्मिनीकान्त m. padminIkAnta beloved of lotuses
पद्मिनीखण्ड n. padminIkhaNDa multitude or lake of lotuses
पद्मिनीपत्त्र n. padminIpattra lotus-leaf
पद्मिनीकण्टक m. padminIkaNTaka kind of leprosy
पद्मिनीवल्लभ m. padminIvallabha sun
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