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पद्मिनी f. padminI lotus
पद्मिनी f. padminI lotus plant
पद्मिनी f. padminI multitude of lotuses or a lotus-pond
पद्मिनी f. padminI sacred lotus [Nelumbo nucifera - Bot.]
पद्मिनी f. padminI particular magical art
पद्मिनी f. padminI excellent woman
पद्मिनी f. padminI woman belonging to the first of the 4 classes into which the sex is divided
पद्मिनी f. padminI female elephant
पद्मिनी f. padminI lotus-stalk
पद्मिनीश m. padminIza sun
पद्मिनीकान्त m. padminIkAnta beloved of lotuses
पद्मिनीखण्ड n. padminIkhaNDa multitude or lake of lotuses
पद्मिनीपत्त्र n. padminIpattra lotus-leaf
पद्मिनीकण्टक m. padminIkaNTaka kind of leprosy
पद्मिनीवल्लभ m. padminIvallabha sun
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