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पद्य n. padya verse
पद्य adj. padya measuring a pada in length or breadth
पाद्य adj. pAdya relating or belonging to the foot
पद्य adj. padya relating or belonging to a foot
पद्य adj. padya consisting of one pada
पद्य adj. padya forming the end
पद्य adj. padya consisting of padas or parts of verses
पद्य adj. padya hurting or coming in contact with the feet
पद्य adj. padya final
पद्य adj. padya marked with footsteps
पाद्य adj. pAdya amounting to a quarter of anything
पद्या f. padyA footsteps
पद्या f. padyA paces
पद्य m. padya road
पद्य m. padya verbal element
पद्य m. padya part of a word
पद्य m. padya way
पद्य m. padya path
पद्य m. padya foot as a measure of length
पद्य m. padya zUdra
पद्य n. padya metre
पद्य n. padya poetry
पद्यते verb padyate { pad } observe
पद्यते verb padyate { pad } fall down or out
पद्यते verb padyate { pad } resort or apply to
पद्यते verb padyate { pad } participate in
पद्यते verb padyate { pad } keep
पद्यते verb 4 padyate { pad } perish
पद्यते verb 4 padyate { pad } fall
पद्यते verb 4 padyate { pad } go
पद्यते verb 4 padyate { pad } step
पद्यते verb 4 padyate { pad } sink down
पद्यमय adj. padyamaya consisting of verses
पद्यामृता f. padyAmRtA nectar of poetry
पद्यमात्रिका f. padyamAtrikA poem consisting only of verses
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