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पल्लि f. palli settlement of wild tribes
पल्लि f. palli hut
पल्ली f. pallI small house-lizard
पल्ली f. pallI hut
पल्लि f. palli small village
पल्ली f. pallI city
पल्लि f. palli
पल्ली f. pallI small village
पल्लि f. palli house
पल्ली f. pallI particular measure of grain
पल्ली f. pallI house
पल्लिका f. pallikA small village
पल्लिका f. pallikA house lizard [small, grey-colored]
पल्लिका f. pallikA small house-lizard
पल्लीपति m. pallIpati chief of a village or station
पल्लिवाह m. pallivAha species of wild grass
पल्लीपतन n. pallIpatana prognostication by observing the falling of house-lizards
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