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पनिता m. panitA dealer
फाणित n. phANita syrup
पणित adj. paNita one who has betted or wagered
पणित adj. paNita praised or transacted as business
पनित adj. panita praised
पणित adj. paNita staked
पणित adj. paNita betted
पनित adj. panita admired
पणित n. paNita stake
पणित n. paNita bet
पणित n. paNita wager
फणित adj. phaNita gone or diluted
फाणित n. phANita inspissated juice of the sugar cane and other plants
पाणीतक m. pANItaka of a people
पाणितल m. pANitala particular measure
पाणितल n. pANitala palm of the hand
पाणीतल n. pANItala particular measure
पाणितल n. pANitala particular weight
पाणीतलम् n. pANItalam palm of the hand
पणितव्य adj. paNitavya negotiable
पणितव्य adj. paNitavya to be praised
पणितव्य adj. paNitavya vendible
फणितल्पग m. phaNitalpaga resorting to a serpent as a couch
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